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What do YOU take with you to a park?

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I try to keep a bag no bigger than a TPR sized drawstring bag. Or I have a purse that is a medium sized purse that fits about the same amount of stuff.


I keep a wallet, ticket/season pass, park map, camera (unless I've been to the park a lot then I don't take many pictures), phone, hand sanitizer, and change if I need to rent something to store my stuff.


The more I go to parks the less I take.

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A TPR bag (so many to choose from !) with...


Camera; comb for the hair; small towel;

sunglasses; space for capsule toys; sunscreen

if it's bright and hot out; not much else.


I keep my money on me, safe and sound.

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I always carry a book bag because I really do not like cargo shorts. I do not like my shorts feeling so heavy.


1. Wallet

2. Phone

3. Car keys

4. Pain meds

5. Hand sanitizer

6. Camera sometimes if its a new park. Taking pics/vids with my phone kills the battery too fast

LOL when do you use the pain meds?


I use them if I get a head ache. I do not see the point of buying them in the park if I already have them. I put a few in a baggy and bring them with me.

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Even If I've got a car or nearby hotel I can leave everything in, I still like to take a rucksack (or similar) with me, usually containing a bottle of water, some snacks and maybe a camera, and I don't go anywhere without my fanny pack with mobile phone in.


Also- As a glasses wearer, I've started bringing an older pair into parks "just in case they get damaged".


I tend to do a lot of trips using public transport though, so I'll usually have the stuff I took on the journey with me (MP3 player, chunky headphones, ds etc.) - and will try and leave these in an all day locker - but still take a smaller bag around.

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I always bring a drawstring bag or something to carry my junk in.


- wallet

- money

- phone

- camera (I always bring a camera just because I love photography)

- sunscreen

- sunglasses (when I had them need to get a new pair.....)

- hoodie (if it's kinda chilly)

- comb


(If there is a water park)


- Swim shorts

- Towel


I think that's everything....

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Aside from the obvious...




Bottle of Powerade Zero if the park allows outside food/drink. If I find a restaurant in the park with a self-serve fountain machine, I'll refill the bottle with water periodically through the day to keep hydrated.

Bag of candy in case of blood/sugar crash since I have abnormal eating patterns

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I try to take little as possible to fit in pockets of cargo shorts if it's hot, or jacket with zippers if it's cool. iPhone with charger case, sunglasses, chapstick, Nintendo 3ds, and I switch to a small wallet.

But now that we have a baby, I will have to take the diaper bag with all the stuff baby needs.

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I have weird and ultra-specific habits for what I take and where they go on me.


Front left pocket is always cell phone (and occasionally chapstick), front right is keys, back right is wallet and if we're spending a full day at a park the back left will be a water bottle. Anything more and I feel like I'm just bogged down with too much stuff. Anything less and I'll have constant waves of "Oh my God did I lose my ____?!"

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Wallet, cell, iPod, maybe headphones, keys, and if I go to Uni or Knott's...I bring my sipper cup to get my 99 cent refills. If I forget my sipper at a park, man I feel like I lost a lot. I need my Boysenberry punch and Coke!


But yeah that's pretty much all I take. And EVERY time I ride on something, I always feel the necessity to pat my pockets to make sure I didn't lose anything. Haha

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Stuff I keep a very close eye on (and usually never let go, unless put in lockers).

-Cell phone


-Small Collapsable Camera Bag, containing:

--DSLR with standard zoom attached

--Extra compact zoom lens

--(Optional) Extra Fisheye Lens

--Lens wipe case containing cloth and one or two extra SD cards

--(If enough space, or wearing cargo pants) Extra battery


If water park involved, remove collapsable camera bag and add:


-Swim trunks

-(Optional) GoPro (just in case)

-Edit: And, yes, a towel


In terms of camera equipment, I pick only compact but versatile lenses for my camera body, so it's never much for me to lug around. I do take what I choose to bring into heavy considerations though for parks with no loose article cubbies for a lot of their rides and/or exorbitant locker fees (having both makes for a very bad day... ).

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I really dislike bag checks and lockers so for me it is pockets only:








If I am going to a water park, I will have my swimsuit on and will bring my towel with the things listed above.


I rarely go to a water park and the theme park in the same day (unless on a TPR Trip ) so I never need to bring a bag to a park.

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I always take some form of bag with me as I don't mind carrying it and would rather put stuff in a separate bag than in pockets. I normally take:


- Phone

- Camera

- Wallet

- Keys

- Case for glasses

- Light jacket

- Small phone battery + cable

- Glasses

- Sports strap for glasses.

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If I'm going to my home park I bring:

- My wallet

- Cell Phone

- Keys

- Employee ID (for admission)


If I'm going to any other park I'd bring a camera as well. If I'm going to a water park I'll also bring swim trunks and a towel in a drawstring bag.

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Boy Scout uniform shorts/swim trunks, they have a double zip pouch on a clip and dry fast. REI underwear. Wool socks, won't hold water like cotton and are cooler. Same thing I would wear if hiking/backpacking. I need to get some good trail runners.


Phone in a extra zip



Debit card


Cheap sunglasses

SF refill cups


Waterpark, speedo backpacks with all the usual trimmings.

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Recently I've been going to parks by myself and I have found that I do not want to leave the park once I enter the park. I typically carry a Nike backpack that is comfortable and has a good amount of room. I always have my wallet and iPhone on me and frequently live tweet my days in the parks (@Jon_Winters). Right before I get on a ride, I put my phone in my backpack so I do not have to worry about it falling out.


Always in my backpack:


-Anker portable battery for charging my phone

-Disposable poncho or a Columbia rain jacket

-Camelbak Chute water bottle


-Dentyne Ice Spearmint gum

-Eos Sweet Mint lip balm

If I go to a water park:

-Nike trunks

-Body Glove swim shirt

-Speedo water shoes


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