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What do YOU take with you to a park?

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In German/Danish parks if going with friends a cart fully loaded with foods, cold drinks, beer and some shots for the fun of it. A blanket for the picnic and all the small stuff - camera, smartphone, charger, sd-cards, sunglasses, glasses-strap, etc...


Going alone just the small stuff.

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As a rule, I try to carry few items with me, but it depends on park policies.


If the park does not offer free loc.k.ers/storage bins on their coasters/rides, I will wear trousers/shorts with cargo pockets to take:

- wallet (cash, season pass, ID)

- mobile phone

- (car) keys

- small camera (with spare battery and extra memory card)


If the park offers free lockers/storage bins on their coasters/rides, in addition to the items above, I will take:

- a bag

- some water

- sunglasses

- sunscreen

- some snacks

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I usually take my infamous red Diamondback drawstring. Inside it is usually:


*Phone (iPhone 4)


*Crappy point-n-shoot camera I use for my infamous lengthy trip reports and music videos. I usually wipe it to take lots of footage since to me the second best thing behind the actual park is making the trip report.

*Rain slicker if rain is a possibility

*Ziploc Baggie for electronics if it rains

*Extra pair of socks for the same reason

*Plenty of extra space since I always haul a ton of souvenirs back.

*Phone charger

*Camera charger

*A remote that releases the hounds (JK )

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I try to take as less items with me as possible, but if I'm at a park that offers a water park and I plan on going, especially if I'm with my best friend, then I'll bring a drawstring with towels and to carry her stuff (Women always have to bring everything lol). When it comes to the colder seasons, I have a North Face jacket with zipper pockets so I usually don't mind bringing my cell phone and wallet with me.

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For me I usually just bring the minimum in. Some cash the passes and my car keys. I don't like to worry about a phone or carry a bag that I may have to get a locker for. Very rarely ill wear sun glasses but even then I don't like having to worry about them.

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There are two variables for me bringing stuff into a park.

1) Weather. If it's going to be a rainy day, I'll keep it extremely minimal to just my Phone, ID, and Credit Cards in a plastic baggy.

2) Locker policy. If a park has a lenient or tolerant bag policy, where I can leave stuff off to the side or in cubicles on the ride platform, I'll bring in a camera, maybe a change of socks and underwear if there are good water rides.


I think all in all it really is park/weather dependent when I go to parks, but 9/10 I just do the wallet and iPhone only, just for the ease. I would love to see more parks be bag friendly like Disney. I bet they'd see their souvenir profits go up a bit. But meh, what do I know?

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The only thing I bring specifically for the park (ie other than wallet and keys) is a small zip-up pouch just big enough to hold my cell phone that goes in my pocket and tethers to my belt loop by a keychain. It's not always necessary, but it's handy for something like S:UF at SFDK where pocket contents can be ejected.

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I usually only take my wallet, cell phone, keys, and a strap for my eyeglasses. No matter the weather, I always take my North Face fleece that has pockets with zippers to keep everything in, I'm always a little paranoid about losing something on a ride.


When I used to go with my family to Kennywood, we would bring big coolers with our lunch, swim trunks and towels for when we got soaked on the Pittsburgh Plunge, cameras, and wallet. I didn't have a cell phone yet so we actually had to talk to our families and friends while waiting in line haha

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Try to keep it to a minimum:

- Wallet (Season pass, Credit Cards, cash and ID)


-Sunglasses with strap (Most important in my tiny world).


**Point and shoot camera only if I am doing a TR.

*** It will be interesting to see if more parks copy the Disney model of wrist bands because then I could dump the wallet too.

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I usually take just my cell phone and camera (with a apre battery and a few memory cards)--or maybe a swimsuit and a change of clothes if a water park is involved.


Proper grammar is "an apre battery" not "a apre battery." I thought you would know better Chuck!


By the way, what is an apre battery?


Back on topic. I like to keep it minimal when going to a park. I like everything to fit in my pockets.





Sun Glasses

Sun tan lotion

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On a typical one day trip to a nearby park, I'll just take my phone and wallet, keeping some advil in my wallet or car. If I'm on a vacation and will be staying in the park 10+ hours, I'll take a drawstring bag with some refillable water bottles (the only park I've been to that didn't like this was Carowinds) advil, bandages/blister blockers, sunscreen, poncho or sweatshirt if necessary, and that's about it. I try not to lug around a bunch of stuff unless it would really pay off to do so.

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I usually just bring my wallet and keys. I almost never bring my iphone in unless I'm meeting someone at the park and need to text / call them. Usually it's just me and my girlfriend and it's nice to get away from our iphones for a day and just enjoy the park and each-other's company.


By the way, has anyone else noticed how people with iphones have to refer to it as their "iphone" and not just their "phone" like everyone else? I always thought this was annoying but now that I finally joined the 21st century and got an iphone I do it too. I hate myelf

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Since my usual park is Disney, I'd rather carry everything with me that I need for a day rather than have to go to the car, especially if resort or park-hopping.


Drawstring Bag:

Water Bottles


Disney Pass (Lanyard)

MagicBand(s) - Work even if not staying on property!


Phone (Book FP+ is handy)

Various assortment of medicines



No need for change of clothes, unless going to a water park or resort pool, but if I do go to either, i'll go back home and change, then go back out.

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I use the pocket rule.


Wallet and phone go in Velcro or button pockets, and keys get clipped on a belt loop.


Sometimes I don't even take my wallet or phone.


At Kings Island, if I think I may want to eat at the park I will take my wallet in. If I don't plan to spend money, I only take my pass in with me.

Parks where I drive further away, I will leave my phone locked in the glove box, and take my wallet in.


I never carry cash to a park, but just in case, my wallet also has zippers for stowing loose change. (Parks need to just round up the price to the next dollar to eliminate the need to give back change.)

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I wear cargo shorts with a Ziploc bag in each side pocket. Everything on me (camera, keys, wallet, etc.) goes into one of the two bags. I puff the bags with air, zip 'em closed and then button each bag inside either pocket. The air makes them fit tight; making it almost impossible for anything to fall out of my pockets during inversions. I've been doing this since I was a teenager. Works great.

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I usually try to bring as little as possible so I don't have to rent a locker. So I always have with me wallet and some cash in case, and also my flipcam which I can bring with me on rides (not to film illegally, of course, but I don't have to leave it in a 1$ locker).


If I do a bigger day, I bring a bag with a refillable plastic bottle so I don't have to pay for water, and all the above-mentionned things goes in the bag too. I always bring too a case for my glasses, because I never keep them when I go on a Vekoma ! However, on big park days, I usually wear eye lens.

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I'm like most people here and keep it light. I usually just bring my ID, debit card & season pass, keys and cell phone. Sometimes I need advil or other random small knick knacks, so I will wear a small bag on my waist (smaller than a fanny pack), but usually if it doesn't fit in my pockets, I don't take it in the park.

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