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What do YOU take with you to a park?

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So we all have different random things we bring to parks. Some of us bring cameras. Some of us bring bags full of random things! What are some of the items you bring to every park?


For me, when I am doing a "full park day", like on a TPR tour, I'll usually have:


- A TPR Drawstring bag with the following items...

- At least 1 GoPro Camera

- A chest mount

- Pivothead Glasses

- Handheld Sony Camcorder

- iPhone

- At least 2 additional iPhone battery cases that I can swap out

- Tons of spare SD cards

- Advil (especially if there is a Vekoma ride! lol)

- Wallet

- Cash


When we are doing a random park visit around Orlando for a couple of hours or so, I usually just bring:


- Wallet

- iPhone




It's kind of nice to go to a park and not have a lot of stuff, but I know for a lot of us, you need it!


What do YOU bring to a park?



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Main thing I bring to a park is:


-Wallet-(cash and credit cards)





Anything else I need I buy at the park. (yup,I'm a sucker and over pay for Advil, tums, etc. if I need it)

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I have a rule that says if it can't fit in my pocket it can't come with me so usually just my wallet and some cash and my car keys. I never really understood why someone would need so much random stuff just to got to a theme park all day.

I am actually in this camp also. Unless we are going to a park we've never been to, or doing filming, or something for one of our tours, it's wallet and phone!


But I'm curious to know what crap people do bring with them!

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Most normal visits, I bring BMO and my wallet, nothing else.


When I go with groups I usually take my backpack along (because I volunteer to be the bag lady for everyone) with a good camera.

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I almost never wear cargo pants.....unless I go to an amusement park. I typically bring along my cell phone, wallet, my hat, and if I'm at a park I don't visit often, a camera or camcorder. Pretty much once Six Flags implemented lockers, that's when I decided it was best to go bagless; and so far I've yet to lose anything.


EDIT: Can't believe I forgot to add my car keys. Kind of important

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For my home park, phone in waterproof case and wallet.


For "casual" days at parks I only get to once a season, I bring my phone in a waterproof case, wallet, and my waterproof pocket video camera.


New parks with credits I bring my phone in a waterproof case, wallet, my waterproof pocket video camera, and a water bottle. This sometimes requires me to need a drawstring backpack.


If I plan on going to an attached water park I pack a suit and towel in a drawstring backpack.

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Since I mainly go to my home park, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, I'll list what I take there.


I usually bring:

My iPhone (in my otterbox armor just to be safe)

A gopro

A gopro chest mount

My season pass

a poncho (yes I know, I am one of "those people")

A pair of flip flops for water rides

Whatever I feel that I need to bring along that I never actually need


For other parks, I just bring my phone e-tickets

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As little as possible. iPhone, car key, wallet (or even just take cash sometimes). The less gear I'm lugging through the park, the better!


If I'm planning to take photos I'll put my DSLR in a locker while I go on the rides, love it when parks have the $1 short-term lockers out the front. If I have the camera bag with me there will usually be a few other bits and pieces stored in there, sometimes a spare pair of socks can be handy after the water rides. I have never taken my GoPro since most parks don't allow them on rides, although if I was on a TPR tour I would probably pack it.

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I try keep it very minimal.


Credit card, SPF lip balm, money(notes) and small digital camera in the camera case(with spare batteries and memory cards). This all goes in a small digital camera case and then this goes in a zip lock bag so I can do the water rides and not worry. Park map also goes into the zip lock bag.

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1. Keys attached to belt loop (lose these you are screwed).

2. Wallet and phone in a sealed bag.

3. Disposable 20 oz bottle that fits in a cargo pocket (refill it with water throughout the day).


I refuse to carry a bag around an amusement unless its completely necessary which has happened only once. If I do the water park, I'll go back out to my car to collect that stuff and bring it in, but once water park time is over, I'll take everything back to the car before riding more rides.

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An average park visit for me involves the following.



-Car keys

-Lip balm

-Point-&-shoot camera

-Sunglasses (if it's sunny that day)


If I'm doing a water park and dry park on the same visit, I bring a small backpack with a towel, sunscreen, swim trunks, and a change of clothes.

If there's a special reason for the visit (such as a new coaster, or attending an event) I'll bring my good camera in a bag.

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Wallet stays locked in the car. I take my car keys only, other keys stay locked in the car.

Season Pass/Ticket


Sunglasses, if I plan to stay more than a few hours

Hat, if I remember it and plan to stay more than a few hours


Camera, if I'm doing a PTR or need photos for the Park INdex

drawstring bag - only if I'm on a TPR trip.


If it can't fit in my zippered pockets, it's not going into the park.


What do I always forget? Lip Balm

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It all rely's on me and which park I'm going to so here's how I'll put it:



- Wallet

- Backpack with extra Shirt/ Sweater

- Phone

- Camera/ Video Camera



- All of the above

- Extra Batteries I needa swap in case one dies

- Shades

- Extra $$$ just in case


and that's about it.

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For me, it totally depends on the park I'm visiting. If it's just a regualr trip to my local home park, I try and bring as little as possible. Pretty much JUST my wallet. I even leave my phone in the car because I'd rather not have to worry about it.


If I'm visiting a Disney/Universal/Orlando-esque park, I'm more likely to bring a backpack full of stuff because A. those parks make bringing a bag much easier and more convenient by offering free lockers and allowing bags on many rides and B. I'm a cheap/poor person so I totally take advantage of the parks letting me bring in my own food. So I'll pack along pretty much anything I need including my phone (to check wait times at the next park via the park apps), sunscreen, Tylenol, flip-flops (so I can switch out my footwear for water rides) etc.

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Just a few small items

- Canon DSLR

- iPhone

- iPhone battery case

- Portable Spare Battery Pack

- spare SD cards

- Tylenol

- Motion Sickness Patch

- Camera Bag

- Wide Angle Lens

- Various Camera filters and supplies

- Wallet

- Cash

- Jacket

- Powdered drink packets

- Nintendo 3DS

- Club TPR Card!

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I prefer to travel light at theme parks. In general, I bring two Ziploc sandwich bags and stick one in each button/Velcro pocket on my shorts. One bag contains my wallet, keys, sunscreen, and any documentation I'll need infrequently (tickets, show schedule, etc). The other bag contains my cellphone, camera, and any documentation that may require frequent access (park map, touring plan, etc). On 90% of my park visits, that's it.


However, there are a handful of times that I'll bring additional gear as noted below:


-Full day summer visits: Disposable water bottle (bring one and refill with drinking fountains)

-Rainy days: Poncho (only when steady rain is predicted for a majority of the day)

-When including a waterpark: Backpack/TPR bag with a swimsuit, towel, extra shirt, sandals, and a plastic bag for wet stuff (this often goes in a locker for the day and I don't carry it around with me).

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I usually bring the following into the parks:




lip balm


compact brush


jacket (if I think the temperature is going to drop enough for me to need it)

Drawstring bag (if I'm bringing a jacket and/or camera)

Ziploc baggies (if I'm planning on water rides)


If it's a park I've never been to, I'll usually bring my camera.


I usually leave my cell phone in the car if I'm with someone that's bringing theirs in to the park.

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