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  1. ^ All but confirmed to be a Mack spinner. SFMM and SFGAm the only SF parks next year getting major attractions. Prepare for a dif SFI.
  2. ^ That was really rude to assume it wasn't his. That photo location is pretty accessible if you go to SCV often, there's a hiking trail behind the park and on the other side of the road.
  3. Umm, source? i can vouch that it was also stated at JL:BfM media day. They have their eyes set on one, just a matter of when.
  4. WS: Dodgers @ Astros, Dodgers over Astros... mark my words
  5. ^ Except it isn't a clone and it's been stated multiple times its second half would be completely original for the park and include a Harley Quinn animatronic...
  6. ^ Well i got this info from working at the park, so take what you will from it. EDIT: Don't think Roar is their only job in California... JS. V Exactly.
  7. ^ Well we were told at the park that Apocalypse would go down in November for some "extensive retracking", and SFMM would take advantage of RMC with them back again in California. I believe it's just basic Topper Track.
  8. ^^^ RMC will indeed be retracking Apocalypse. Not sure about GhostRider.
  9. The outward banked airtime hill is staying, it as confirmed at the backstage tour.
  10. I don't see how people like Knott's Scary Farm, it's so boring to me and I get little to no scares whenever I go.
  11. Dark Christmas was a scare zone down here at Hollywood this year, focusing around the Krampus.
  12. SFMM should just get Silverwood's employees to handle the work of line cutting. They call you out in front of ALL the park guests and remove you from the line till the very back. Makes me tear up.
  13. That's weird, I saw someone get kicked out of line for not having their boarding pass and since he came with a group either he took one for the team or the whole group got out of line and sadly he did not ride. Must've been different collectors.
  14. ^ This. I remember I bitched when Full Throttle got seat belts but it did nothing to the experience at all. Just glad we have an RMC at last.
  15. EDIT: Wrong Thread ^ Anyways, it should be. Won't guarantee you'll do al the mazes but you'll do at most 5/7 of what matters: AvP > Walking Dead > From Dusk 'til Dawn > Clowns 3D > An American Werewolf in London > Terror Tram > Dracula Untold > Face/Off. Good luck!
  16. Yeah, the Purge announcer regularly makes rude comments like that but I find it extremely hilarious. Don't see the huge deal, it happened last year too. I remember the "Polite Stranger" asked a guest "What weapon will you be using during the Purge?" and the guest didn't reply the "Polite Stranger' said "I assumed you were the kind to not use protection" with the guest laughing it off. Interesting to see how this'll play out.
  17. They were indications as to where the train should be pushed if the second launch is not forceful enough to push the train over the loop and it valleys, the paint indicated as to where to push the train if this scenario were to happen. Hence why the crane near GoldRusher is now gone.
  18. I had a friend who went this summer and walked up the Tatsu ramp and asked if he could ride alone. They sent him to the station and told him to take whatever empty seat he pleased and he rode. It's a huge gamble if you try it. EDIT: Or Just do as the post below me and follow park policies. Better safe than sorry mate.
  19. What the hell are you talking about, they literally retracked Apocalypse last year. [sarcasm]And oh how the ride was improved by that retracking.[/sarcasm] Point was this guy said Apocalypse received little to no track work at all when in fact it has. Never said it improved the ride, just the fact that the stereotype of this park has led others to believe SFMM doesn't do crap to this ride when in fact it has whether it improved the ride or didnt. It's like Ghostrider, retracked 4 times a year but it's still one horrible POS. The way it is I feel KBF doesn't do bat shit to the ride but they do.
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