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What do YOU take with you to a park?

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For a long day at a park, I always bring my backpack, filled with: some sandwiches, bottle of water, sunglasses, a small umbrella and of course my iPhone and wallet.


A sealed plastic bag for my phone etc. is a pretty smart idea. Not a big fan of waterbeds where you get soaked, but I'll certainly bring a waterproof bag with me next time!

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Not much really, keys and wallet don't count since you need those just to get there ha

Just my phone and a plastic bag, in case I go on water rides.


It used to be I brought advil also, to deal with any Arrows or Vekomas but those that haven't been removed, I simply pass over now....I am not a cred whore, and I value clarity in my old age so I have no want to ride those anymore!

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I take the usual wallet, sunglasses, and cell phone for pictures. For Knoebels since it's pay-as-you-go I keep my book of tickets in a Ziplock bag as well as my arcade tickets in another bag. But one thing I definitely take: sunscreen. I don't tan, I Kentucky Fried Ckicken!

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Water Bottle


If visiting waterpark: swim trunks, towel, and change of clothes.


I always wear cargo shorts or a jacket with zipper pockets to keep my essentials safe while riding.

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I travel very light when I enter a park. I wear a collared shirt, swimming trucks with pockets in the front, and shoes. The keys are tied to my trunk's drawstrings so they won't get lost ( I must not forget them whenever I visit the restrooms ). I have a coin purse I keep inside the pocket that will contain money and/or debit card and my season pass. At certain parks I might have my souvenir cup on hand and I might keep a folded copy of the park map in the other pocket. By traveling light and like this, I can enter through the bagless line and quickly go through the metal detector and never worry about loose articles.

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I take my trusty Scooby Doo mini book bag with me. I usually have tylenol, eye glass case, and a brush. During Haunt, I keep our passes in their till it is time to wear them. I also, like that I can hook the handle of my souvenir cup to my bag and carry it all as one. It is also, nice to have my bag in case I win something at one of the games. Can just stuff it in my bag and not have to worry about carrying it separately.

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If going for a full day:

Wallet #1

Wallet #2

Two packs of smokes

Two lighters



If a waterpark is involved, a drawstring bag with towel, swimsuit, sunscreen, and waterproof cigarette/cash case.

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I try to travel as lightly as possible. Just my phone, wallet, and keys if I'm the one driving. I don't see what else I would need. I never need to rent a fluffy bunny; a pair of cargo shorts does the trick.


Obviously I would need to carry a little more if I'm doing the water park, but that would only consist of a small drawstring backpack. I don't do water parks much anyway.

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- Sunglasses, usually with the strap.

- Wallet, with driver's license and $ of course

- Water bottle

- Sunscreen and moisturizer

- chapstick

- phone and keys

- Kleenex

- watch

- if there's a chance it'll get chilly, a lightweight long sleeve shirt

- drawstring bag to carry it all in


And that's it. A bit more than average, it seems, looking over the other posts. But it tends to be sufficiently compact. I rarely bring a hat, because I usually end up taking it off on the coasters anyway. I do bring it if I know there will be long lines and I'll be standing in the sun a lot.

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