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  1. Thank you Andy and Dustin. I sent donations back to both of you. We have a little over 12 hours to go. Go Team TPR!
  2. Thank you Robb Alvey for your very generous donation. Team TPR is now in first place for Canada's Wonderland. Thanks to Dustin for his donation too. Go Team TPR. Lisa
  3. I just signed up for my second Coasting For Kids event. This year I chose Canada's Wonderland. Looking forward to it.
  4. I'm planning on going to CGA for my first time on Labor Day weekend. Looking forward to Gold Striker. I have my choice of Saturday or Sunday. I usually find that Sunday's are better park days than Saturday's, but since it's a major holiday weekend that might not be true. Does anyone know if Sunday would be significantly better than Saturday? Does anyone have any tips or advice?
  5. Hello everyone. My boyfriend (Michael) and I signed up for our first Coasting for Kids with Dorney Park a few weeks ago. We just haven't had a chance to start our fundraising yet, but I promise we'll get to it soon. Thank you Dustin for starting me off! I'm very excited to be raising money for such a worthy cause while doing something that I love. It's a win-win. Also looking forward to meeting other TPR members at my first event.
  6. I usually bring the following into the parks: wallet keys lip balm sunglasses compact brush Tylenol jacket (if I think the temperature is going to drop enough for me to need it) Drawstring bag (if I'm bringing a jacket and/or camera) Ziploc baggies (if I'm planning on water rides) If it's a park I've never been to, I'll usually bring my camera. I usually leave my cell phone in the car if I'm with someone that's bringing theirs in to the park.
  7. Mini New Hotness (my first TPR trip), Goliath, Banshee, and a two week trip to back to California which should include many parks, coasters, and my first trip to San Diego. It's looking to be a great year.
  8. I've only been to Cedar Point once. It was a great amusement park for thrills. It's not my favorite, but I definitely think it warrants return visits. A trip to CP can be done in a day or two. I've only been to WDW once about 5 years ago at the age of 37. Even though it holds no sentimental value from my childhood and I don't have children, I loved it. It's a magical place and you get immersed in that magic. I'm not interested in returning annually, but would like to return at some point in the future. A trip to WDW usually takes 3 or4 days and you still might not be able to see and do all that you want. Even though I love rollercoasters, I have to pick WDW. I love the magic and when I went there it felt like a vacation.
  9. This is a tough one for me. I visit Six Flags parks more often because they are closer to me. Most of my season passes have been for Six Flags. I think that more of my favorite coasters are at Six Flags parks. But I hate Six Flags lack of creativity in naming their rides. Six Flags has too many clones. Most of the time the employees at Six Flags parks are unfriendly and sometimes rude. I've had more overall positive experiences at Cedar Fair parks. I have to say Cedar Fair, but not by much.
  10. How many DVDs or Blu-Rays do you purchase each year? approximately 5-10 DVD's and only 1 or 2 Blu-Rays How many digital downloads do you purchase each year? None yet. I still prefer a physical copy of movies. I guess I'm just old fashioned.
  11. My count is 46. Not too bad considering I've never been outside of North America and I haven't been to Canada since 2005. I do agree that it is an awful list.
  12. I'm really interested in the Texas trip. I wasn't a member in time for the Midwest trip this past year. My second choice would be the Pacific Northwest. Both trips are to places that I haven't been to yet. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for one of them.
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