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Skyplex Orlando Discussion Thread

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That emergency escape looks interesting. A bit scary, especially if something bad is happening to the rocket just a few feet away.

As for the polercoaster, it is interesting, but will probably will be known as the ride that "goes on forever doing some cool stuff". Nothing very big about it other then height and length.

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"Holy Tall Towers, Batman! Are they really going through with this?"


Well, that's what the man in the video said, and if they really built this, then who knows how many eXtra people will be changing their plans and go to Florida.


But it's the second announcement that piqued my interest: they will be building the third tallest roller coaster in the world in Atlanta. Six Flags over Georgia is located west of Atlanta, so does this means that this park will be getting that ground-breaking coaster?


I think I need to go to the toilet before I wet my pants again.

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Trouble in paradise? I didn't think anything of it when they said they wanted to let their client have the major announcement but maybe they knew something wasn't going entirely to plan?


No trouble. I had lunch with someone today close to the situation, and there aren't any worries. The announcement will come.

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