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The Knott's Berry Farm (KBF) Discussion Thread

P. 639: Montezooma's Revenge major renovations announced!

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You'll notice though that it doesn't seem to be stopping at the top but just rolling down the ramp into the drop. Could be why it's going so fast. Wonder why they are doing that?


When they begin to test coasters usually they just want them to make it all the way through the circuit, break in the bearings and wheels, and pick up some of the required ride cycle testing time. Also it's to make sure if the brakes at the top suddenly don't work, can the train handle the extra forces? Most coasters that are being initially tested go through this and let the train go hog wild.


I expect as the days roll on we will see the train testing as it will when the ride opens.


However, as per any RCE, I would be stoked to take a ride with the way they are running it now lol.

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HangTime Construction Preview!



Theme Park Review was invited to an exclusive construction preview of Knott's Berry Farm's newest roller coaster, HangTime! Knott’s Berry Farm will welcome HangTime in the 2018 summer season, as the only dive coaster on the West Coast.


HangTime Basic Stats:

-Height: 150 feet

-Track Length: 2,189 feet

-Capacity: 3 trains with 16 single passenger carrying units each

-Maximum velocity 57 mph


Ride Features:

-150-foot Vertical Lift

-96-degree First Drop

-5 Inversions

-Holding Break at 60 degrees- ride will hang guests looking down over the first drop before starting

-The Negative-G Stall Loop- only the 2nd roller coaster in the Western Hemisphere to have this feature offering unprecedented hang time

-Colorful nighttime track chase lighting that will accompany the coaster train as it travels across the track.


Thank you to Knott's Berry Farm for inviting us on this tour, we can't for your opening day announcement!





It's a rare gloomy day in Southern California, but perfect for enjoying the HangTime waves!



They took us into the construction area...


...and unwrapped this beauty!


The trains are reminiscent of surfboards.




Really love those headrests!



You know you love this wheel assembly!




The yellow surfboard is reference for where the ride entrance will be, with a shaded queue winding underneath the coaster's inversions.


Sending the first daytime test train!












Knott's plans on announcing the opening day for the ride within the next week or two. Thank you again to the wonderful staff at Knott's for hosting us!

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Thanks for the pictures. That footage looks awesome. Getting some serious hangtime. Love it. Can't wait to ride it later this year.

Does anyone have any info on xcelerator? I am coming down for vacation and will be at the park on March 9, 13&16. Do you think it could open by boysenberry festival time? I hope to not wait till my next vacation in October to ride it. I am very much looking forward to the updated ghostrider though. Never have rode it smooth. Can't wait to ride it.

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This really looks great! I love the trains with the surfboard headrests! I'm a little worried about the queue going under all the mess of track because that probably means some type of net in case loose articles fall on the people below. I think that's a cool idea, but the more coasters do this it seems the more nets are placed up because things keep falling from the riders.


The testing video really has me excited. I think it looks like the pacing of the ride looks great. I still love the color scheme.


Jimmy "I can't wait to see the nighttime lighting package they previously mentioned" Bo

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Hangtime looks sick as hell. From the layout to all the little details, this looks like a perfect coaster for the park. Can't wait until it opens! (And then can't wait to get back to the West Coast!)


Thanks for posting the photos & videos from the tour!

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^ Oh man, if you haven't been to Knott's, you really need to. It's fantastic, and I wanted to go back even without anything new. Hangtime looks good, but the rest of the park is already worth going across the country for (and I did). You'll have a great time.

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^We’re always really protective of our limited time at Disneyland when we come in which is why we’ve never really broken away much during our trips (I’ve done Universal three times, the San Diego Zoo and SeaWorld San Diego once each and that’s it), but this is definitely on my must try list. I definitely know I’d enjoy it!

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^We’re always really protective of our limited time at Disneyland when we come in which is why we’ve never really broken away much during our trips (I’ve done Universal three times, the San Diego Zoo and SeaWorld San Diego once each and that’s it), but this is definitely on my must try list. I definitely know I’d enjoy it!


Knowing you, Your mind would be blown by Ghost Town Alive. Such a great entertainment option.

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I really appreciate that Cedar Fair has made a point in installing nice lighting packages with their new big rides and this looks to be no exception. Just the amount of light fixtures inside the actual track looks amazing and I'm really excited to see it at night. I love the big visual statement of a well lit ride at night. (Yeah, I'm that guy)


Oh and the ride looks really fun too.

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Looks great!!! Really excited to ride this.


I'm a little surprised though that I haven't really seen much of a marketing push for it. This is just anecdotal, but my family in the OC hadn't even heard of this yet. I recall a big push when Silver Bullet came out (commercials all over, etc).

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Went to the park today for a couple hours. Hangtime’s station is getting completed very quickly. Being such a dead day me and my girlfriend experienced the finer parts of Knotts. Mystery Lodge’s entrance is amazing, themeing at its best!


Mystery Lounge Entrance

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