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  1. Love watching these, thanks for posting. Last time I was there, Loch Ness was the big coaster. Nice to see how much has changed. I need to revisit this park soon!
  2. If you want to get there by 7:30 am on Sunday, it should take about one hour up the 5. I would leave around 6:19 AM exactly! We usually come from the Knotts area and always plan on at least 2 hours. There's an IHOP, Denny's and a few other eateries at the Lyons exit just before Magic Mountain. You can always stop for a bite to eat, that's what we do if we get lucky with traffic. Better to be early than late.
  3. Just got the Knotts day for my son and I, he just recently passed the magical 54 inch mark and is exciting to ERT Silver Bullet. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!
  4. Just wanted to thank everyone for their great tips and advice. I'll be making a list of everything, and I'm sure the day will be awesome. One last question? Sunglasses, do they let you wear them on the coasters if you have a strap? Or should I just plan on ditching them in a pocket everytime?
  5. Definitely on my "To Do" list. Been looking forward to riding this coaster for a long time! Oh, and if anyone has any food recommendations, I'm looking for good places to eat in and near the park. Probably gonna eat somewhere nearby for breakfast, and then for dinner when we leave.
  6. Hello all, I'm finally returning back to my old stomping grounds for the first time since the late 80's. I notice there has been a few changes since then. Planning on going on Monday July 16th and I'm looking for your expert advice on how to tackle the park. Will definitely be arriving when the park opens, and not sure yet how late we'll be staying. Oh, does it get cool there in the evening, or should I just prepare for hot and stick all day? Your help is greatly appreciated!
  7. Thanks for the great opportunity, I sent my email last night, hopefully there is still room. I will gladly take the morning off work if I get in.
  8. The more I see of this ride, the more excited I am to ride it. Thanks for the great photos and video!
  9. True, it's no X2, but it is very uncomfortable for us taller folks. Fortunately I can happily walk past it without feeling the need to ride it.
  10. Should be no lines for the 12th. It is Lincolns Birthday but i sure cant find anyone having it listed as being off. USPS, LA School and local high schools all seem to be in session. So lines should be non-existed. Arrive around 10 get sweet spot and ride till you puke. We know you can ride all the rides that are open at least 10 times but dont try it just go nice and easy. Based on current weather pattern it might be around 85 degrees unless hell freezes over. So bring some sunblock and leave all the other stuff in the car. This is great news, thanks for the info. I too will probably be there on the 12th. My son just hit the magical 54 inch height, and is looking forward to adding a few more coasters to his arsenal.
  11. My son just hit the magic 54 inch mark, our last coaster was Silver Bullet at Knotts.
  12. My personal favorite is the back car, on the left side. However, there is no bad seat on Ghostrider.
  13. If you are into trains there is the LA Live Steamers at Griffith Park. They are only open on Sundays though, and they used to offer tours of Walk Disney's barn on select days as well. http://lals.org/
  14. I'm curious if they are trying to get Hangtime open as soon as possible due to Xcelerator being down until who knows when. Looks like so much fun, I can't wait to ride it!
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