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  1. I'd hazard an assumption that it generally costs Japanese parks a lot more than their western equivalents, considering 99% of the major manufacturers are very far away from them there. Manufacturing, labour and construction time must be affected with that sort of thing majorly. I hope its a huge RMC, maybe one of the new single rail RMC designs.
  2. I can't say i've ever found The Big One painful.... it's bumpy and rough but if you hold on it's fine. First drop in the back row is great!
  3. Not particularly. I believe that when Flamingo Land in the U.K. picked it up they attached backpack straps to the seats, but the trains have been the same otherwise. That being said, the trains were completely torn down to their chassis(es?) when it was moved to La Feria. See here: https://rcdb.com/3605.htm#p=16503 When it was in the UK at Flamingo Land, it had 5-point safety harnesses like you'd see installed in a race car. Thankfully I managed to ride it a few times as a kid, I really enjoyed it. Its wierd to think about such a brutal accident happening on a ride I was on (albeit a long time ago). I'd hazard a guess and say the intensity of these rides, combined with age and it being difficult to spot defects in rides; means this sort of thing could easily happen to a lot of coasters if not thoroughly inspected very regularly. I imagine as these rides from defunct manufacturers get older, finding spare parts is harder, and so things may be repaired a lot more often than in the past; where perhaps brand new spare parts would have been possible to get easily. ^ This is all just speculation/my opinion though. What a shame to lose lives because of this
  4. Sad to hear you had a bad experience at Fuji-Q. Makes me feel lucky, when I visited in November 2017 the queues were all below 30 mins and Eejanaika was running amazingly, its my #1 and i thought way better than X2.
  5. With duelling dragons, it didn't shock me so much, after seeing them bulldoze such a classic attraction like Jaws. Lots of people I know still can't believe they removed it. It's really quite saddening.
  6. I went in November and there were less than 30 min queues for anything, managed to get re-rides on Do-dodonpa and Eejanaika, and no fastpass required, it was awesome!
  7. I rode Eejanaika before X2. They are very different, I found Eejanaika fantastic, intense but not painful whatsoever. Rode it 4 times in a row. X2 was pretty bad though, very rough in comparison I thought.
  8. I don't see the supports being like that, like someone else said, its like default NoLimits supports. I'm guessing it'll have the cool looking steel lift structure like a few of the other RMCs with big lifts.
  9. I still think those are unused names for Tigris but could be wrong! I'm going for "Gwazi" or "Steel Gwazi"
  10. It is a fantastic park already and these 2 additions will make it even better. BGT is a good park if you like a mix of rides, animals, atmosphere and tasty food. So excited for the upcoming announcement.
  11. Busch Gardens Tampa is one of my favourite parks in the world due to its great mix of theming, atmosphere, coasters and animals. This is going to make it even better!
  12. Treating theme parks and rollercoasters like a checklist seems like a bizarre way to enjoy a hobby. They are places and attractions literally designed and built for peoples enjoyment. If you're not enjoying something, why do it? Coaster counting and "creds" are one of the worst parts of being part of theme park commnities to me. I just like to enjoy myself and ride cool stuff myself. For example, in the last year i've been to Japan and California, I went to the major parks and theres lots of coasters and rides I missed - because they were kids rides or just boring clone coasters. No regrets!
  13. This ride looks fantastic, good to see those photos confirmed to be the GotG ride and Disney to confirm it as being Vekoma. I wonder if it'll invert? Not that it needs to. Going to be a fantastic ride, i'm sure Disney has some really clever ideas to utilise that rotation for.
  14. Yeah when you look at Tron and compare it to the older Vekoma motorbike coasters, it is basically completely different in every way design-wise, the idea is the same but the track and trains are a different design entirely as far as I can tell.
  15. I'm an introvert too, but i'm guessing it's because it allows them to offer forwards/backwards seating at the same time, people in groups of 3 or 4 can experience it as a group, or its easier mechanically for the ride cars to be designed that way potentially.
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