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  1. Thanks for the input guys! I would never expect someone to be able to tell me with certainty how I am going to react to a coaster! That is not what I asked. For the record, my doctor would tell me I'm completely fine and that there wouldn't still be any effects from the concussion I suffered years ago. I know better however from my own experiences. Traditional western medicine is woefully behind on the long term effects of head traumas. I know rough coasters are what bother my head. I assume people here are coaster enthusiasts, so I value their feedback on roughness if they've b
  2. Hi all, I am a big coaster/theme park fan and will be visiting Japan in May with friends. We may go to Fuji Q Highland, and I was hoping anyone who has been there could give me a breakdown of how rough the coasters are? I suffered a concussion several years back, and ever since then I have to be really careful about what coasters I ride. I can typically still handle high G force, as long as it's fairly smooth. But rough coasters I can't handle very well. For reference, Rock N Rollercoaster at Disney World is about as rough as I can do. I'd like to ride as many at Fuji Q as possible, but I
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