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  1. Thanks for the input guys! I would never expect someone to be able to tell me with certainty how I am going to react to a coaster! That is not what I asked. For the record, my doctor would tell me I'm completely fine and that there wouldn't still be any effects from the concussion I suffered years ago. I know better however from my own experiences. Traditional western medicine is woefully behind on the long term effects of head traumas. I know rough coasters are what bother my head. I assume people here are coaster enthusiasts, so I value their feedback on roughness if they've been on these coasters I haven't been on. I don't really agree that super rough coasters are all that subjective. The roller coaster at the New York New York in Vegas, for example, is factually an extremely rough and bumpy ride. Whether or not it bothers someone is subjective and dependent on a lot of factors, but it is rough. It's only super rough coasters that tend to bother me, has nothing to do with intensity. For example, none of the coasters at Busch Gardens Tampa bother me because they're all fairly smooth (except Scorpion, which I've avoided because of its age). Never been on a b&m that bothered me. I love Lightning Rod at Dollywood, and it may be the most intense coaster I've been on. But it's smooth, so I'm good. Space Mountain at Magic on the other hand can definitely bother my head with all of its roughness and bumpiness.
  2. Hi all, I am a big coaster/theme park fan and will be visiting Japan in May with friends. We may go to Fuji Q Highland, and I was hoping anyone who has been there could give me a breakdown of how rough the coasters are? I suffered a concussion several years back, and ever since then I have to be really careful about what coasters I ride. I can typically still handle high G force, as long as it's fairly smooth. But rough coasters I can't handle very well. For reference, Rock N Rollercoaster at Disney World is about as rough as I can do. I'd like to ride as many at Fuji Q as possible, but I do know a lot of Japanese coasters have reputations for being rough. I'm not too worried about Takabisha, but the rest kind of concern me. If anyone could give me a breakdown of how smooth the coasters are, I'd be highly appreciative.
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