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Roughest coaster

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Alright, well I'm going to have to go against the crowd and say that the Texas Giant isn't that bad. The pain, at least for me is bearable. As far as rough goes, my vote probably goes for Zeus at Mt. Olympus. There is literally a pothole in the track I think after you go down the first drop and head up the second. Also, I rode hades 2 years ago, and it was great, and then I rode it this year. After coming out of the tunnel, the pain on the turn back towards the parking lot is almost unbearable. It's probably the most painful 5 seconds I've ever expierenced on a roller coaster. It was the reason I only did 4 rides on it on my trip there....

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My roughest coasters would have to include:


Timber Wolf at Worlds of Fun


The Ultimate at Lightwater Valley - it's to bad because the first part of the ride was great, then after the second lift, all hell broke loose!


The Revolution at Magic Mountain - Rode it this year for the first time. The over the shoulder restraints were vicious!


Mind Eraser at Six Flags New England and America


Swamp Thing at Cypress Gardens


Ninja at Six Flags Over Georgia


• Any Boomerang I have riden.


Ghost Rider at Knot's Berry Farm


• The back seat on Steel Eel at Sea World of Texas. This is funny because in the front seat this is one of my favorite rides.


The Wild Mouse at Flamingo Land.


Shockwave & Hypersonic at Kings Dominion. I had an instant headache after Hypersonic. Kind of weird, cause I liked Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Pointe. I think it was doing 3 different launch coaster in a row at Kings Dominion that did me in.


Shockwave at Drayton Manor


Cyclone at Six Flags New England

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I've ridden plenty of rough rides, but these two were painful. Six Flags New England's Cyclone is the roughest woodie I've ever ridden. I got off grabbing my back and feeling like and elderly man. Wildcat at Hersheypark is a close second, I nearly cut my leg on a the back of the seat in front of me during a transition that probably used to be enjoyable, but now is ultra rough.


On the steel side, Mantis at CP killed sent this terrible pressure to my legs almost the whole ride. Arrow headbang always stinks (GASM at SFGADV comes to mind), but Vekoma SLCs are the absolute worst. I just rode Mind Eraser at Darien Lake (against my better judgement) and I paid the price.

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After Behemoth Bash, I can honestly say the most painful ride I've ever been on is Minebuster at Canada's Wonderland. I happened to ride with Robb, which was like living the Manhattan Express TPR video and was simultaneously the worst and funniest thing ever.


Robb put it best: "That's the first coaster where I could literally feel my balls clacking like a Newton's Cradle! CRAP!"


Tied with my first SLC credit, Flight Deck / Tom Cruise's Scientology Ride...

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Gwazi at Busch Gardens Africa.

Tiger was horrible, Lion was even worse.


The only other wooden roller coaster I have ever been on was the Dania Beach Hurricane. It was okay, but Gwazi was really bad.


It's pretty sad actually, because all of those rides have some interesting layouts with a lot of airtime (DBH at least), but they all hurt too much to be any fun.


Space Mountain at WDW is rough, but at least it is the fun kind of rough, not the painful kind.

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I once thought "Nightmare" (or "Roller Coaster") at Joyland in Wichita, KS was the roughest woodie I had ever been on. We went to Compounce yesterday as part of my work's employee appreciation day, and "Wildcat" is rapishly rough. My wife ended up with a bruise right under the boobal area as well as putting her back out. I think, for now, "Wildcat" is the roughest wood.


Roughest not-wood: The EXT at Worlds of Fun (which has to be gone by now). Stand-up hell.



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^Cameron noticed at Behemoth Bash that, on the lift, there was literally an inch of space between the upstop wheels and the rails.


Yeah we were talking about that

On the second train there is a good amount of space between the lateral wheels and the track.

Not so much on the first though.

I don't know why.

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^As a classic lover, I can't belive you didn't like it!


I'm a believer in the "just because its old doesn't mean its good" saying, but I rode in the front, and it was very good.




My roughest coaster also was ridden on the Behemoth trip: Dragon Fire at CW. It looked so tame and had so much straight track and stuff, but it really just sucked.

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