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  1. Per my visit next year, I shall refuse to refer to this ride as it's proper name. I will call it "Behemoth 2: Electric Boogaloo" (thanks Cheese!) and nothing else. - MixedDrink
  2. Unfortunately, CWMania is plagued by idiot trolls because our admins and mods (*cough* Dan and Jen *cough*) have no metaphorical balls. A lot of the newer members are the idiots who are only staying around for the announcement and then will loose interest; I'd advise you pay no attention to them. I asure you that our senior members are much more intelligent.
  3. Those pictures are very cool! I wanted to do that with my waterproof camera, but never really had the weather or the time on my side before I left.
  4. I know it seems a tad ironic, but it really is wise of the park. Guests would not be very happy riding it in high winds, due to some issues with the prototype. On a more related note, I wasn't stating that all Intamins have any spectacularly high amount of downtime... As someone mentioned earlier, Canada's Wonderland can't afford another Windseeker disaster (if you'd call it that).
  5. I think a Dive Machine over 90 metres would be an amazing feat for B&M, but that said I still can't see it happening. I think we'd be lucky to even get any coaster over 90 metres. I actually think I'd enjoy an Intamin, but CW's attendance is much too high to make up for much downtime. I guess we'll have to wait for the announcement, but I hope it's something that makes it worth coming back to my home park next year! - MixedDrink
  6. Behemoth at Canada's Wonderland; last day of the season, in good old Canadian flurries!
  8. ^ Exactly! That being why they wanted the best crews to operate the ride... it needed a lot of throughput (and still does).
  9. Actually, I did notice that when I was at the park (July 9th), but I was unaware it was anything new... I just figured it was an ugly area of the park. I'd love to hear an explanation for that as well!
  10. ^ Pre-Behemoth, Canada's Wonderland had their best ride ops working on Vortex. These so-called ride ops now belong to Behemoth
  11. I don't think it's all that necessary for loops to evolve into something smoother, B&M loops seem good enough to me. Then again, this is coming from a guy who put's Mean Streak in his top 10.
  12. Oh yes! That looks AMAZING. Best part is, I'm supposed to be moving to Beijing next summer... maybe I'll get a chance to ride this beast! - MixedDrink
  13. Is there anything like this for Busch Gardens Africa? - MixedDrink
  14. ^^ Yeah, and then they will piss at the GP for not knowing any better. Most people would think, hey its camcorder day! - MixedDrink
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