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Roughest coaster

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Mind Eraser - Six Flags America


Most boomerangs that still use the old original over the shoulder restraints


The Tobaggon (Carnival traveling coaster) -There is one set up as a permanent attraction at Ocean City MD at Trimpers

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I used to not mind SFNE's Cyclone, but my ride this past Tuesday showed me how poorly the park has cared for it. Every moment of air time in the back was very painful and abrupt, and almost simultaneously I was treated to plenty of jackhammering.


However, I still think Rebel Yell when it used to operate backwards is the roughest coaster I've been on.

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I'm going to have to go with Gwazi at Busch Gardens Tampa... When it opened 10 years ago, it was such a wonderfully fast and smooth ride... and now in such a relatively short time feels like a 2 minute car crash... I still have some love for it... but damn, are those square wheels on the bottom of those trains?!... The ride really should have received a major rehab for its 10th birthday...

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Texas Giant or Rattler. Texas has rough wood.


Roughest: Mean Streak


Confirmed today. My rib cage was BASHED. In second car.


Followed by Hurler, Beast and Son of Beast.


And according to what he told me after getting off the Texas Giant yesterday, I bet Zach will change his answer.

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Canobie Corkscrew-- I had ridden it before and found it rough, but when I rode it yesterday it seemed much worse than ever before. I was in pain the entire time and left with an awful headache.


I also found wildcat at hershey really rough, even with the new trains. I was sitting in the back though, so maybe that made a difference.


Oh, and the sidewinder at hershey. I don't think that one really even needs an explanation!

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I am so depressed that the Georgia Cyclone (SFOG) has descended into the pile of lumber that it is today. I remember when I rode it in its 1st season in 1990. I was 13 years old. I thought it was so cool and so thrilling. Now, it's just like riding a wheelbarrow that has a square wheel down a downhill cobblestone street.


I REALLY hope that they do something with it for SF's 50th Anniversary coming up in 2011.

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I just rode Hurler at Carowinds this past week during the TPR Deep South trip and it was just brutally rough. It felt like all my internal organs were being bashed around for a couple of minutes. I couldn't wait for the ride to end.


Ummmm. Completely Agreed. I rode it over Spring Break In April and it killed me but the rest of my party...2 eenage girls and a mid-age father said it was great...But im the coaster enthusiast so I know whats rough and not. Also the Hurricane at the defunct Myrtle Beach Pavilion....ew.

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Last year I rode Texas Giant in the back and wanted to climb out half way through the ride. Glad they are going to retrack it. It needs it badly.


Really? It wasn't that bad when I rode it in March. I was riding in 2nd last row too! Grizzly is way worse, trust me.


Glad to hear about the retracking though. Certainly gives me another reason to go back to SFOT next year.

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