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Roughest coaster

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I'm sure this isn't that bad compared to some other rides out there. You guys can let me know if it is one is as bad as it gets. Colossus at Magic Mountain. I know its a classic but I've been on quite a few wooden roller coasters and its easily the roughest i've been on. It was anything but pleasant. You guys can tell me if its not as bad as others, please do if it isn't, but its certainly the roughest ride i've been on


I rode Colossus at WCB in April and it was running fine. There was a some airtime, and, although it is a rarity, they ran both sides for nightime ERT. That being said, I was in pretty much the best mood ever because we had ERT on EVERY ride in the park, so that may have been part of what made the ride so good.

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Going through all of this topic, I have seen few speak of Space 2000 at Gyeongju World in South Korea. That must be one HELL of a bad ride to be that obscure and be talked about a few times by those who have ridden many coasters all over the world. What were others opinions on it that may have gone on it in 2007? http://www.rcdb.com/1403.htm


My vote for wood is no doubt for Georgia Cyclone. Steel, Sidewinder at Hersheypark, my least favorite boomerang. Worse than Knotts' I thought!

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I just rode on Scream! at SFMM for the first time in over a year, and I was reminded why I stopped riding it. It is the only coaster in the park that I consider pretty much unrideable. I can ride X2, Viper and Revolution without pain, but Scream!'s constant vibrating kills my head every time, and there's nothing I can do to prevent it (except not going on it in the first place).

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Roughest Steel Coasters I've Ridden:

Boomerang (Knott's)

Corkscrew (Cedar Point)

High Roller (Stratosphere)

Kong (SFDK)

Roller Coaster (New York, New York)

Timberline Twister (Knott's)

Vortex (CGA)

Windjammer Surf Racers (Knott's)


Roughest Wooden Coasters I've Ridden:

Mean Streak (Cedar Point)

Psyclone (SFMM)


Most Painful Coasters I've Ridden Without Them Being Rough:

Pony Express (Cedar Point)

Spellbreaker (Legoland)

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Grizzly isn't too bad. At times, Mean Streak can be difficult to ride (yes, at times), but the fact that it goes on forever makes it feel even more rough.


The worst I have been on are Corkscrew, Scream!, Trailblazer, and Roar.

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The roughest one i rode was Eurosat in EuropaPark... Extremly rough and totally under and overbanked curves, but this is what makes the ride special...in the dark you don´t know when the curves will come and you have the feeling of uncontrolled throwing around in the dark. And it even has the hardest final brake EVER! But even this is done on purpose of the park and completes the amazing ride experience... if you don`t know it here is an onride video with lights on:


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The Roughest Coaster I have Been on has to be the Big Dipper at blackpool PleasureBeach. That Drop underneath the pathway after the turn around really surprised me! A good coaster, but rough!


The roughest brake system I have been on has to be Enigma at PleasureWood Hills. I don't remeber but I think it was a 2 metre Brake Run which Curved round the Corner or something???

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I got a shockingly rough ride on El Toro a few weeks ago in the front car. I've been riding El Toro every year since opening but on this day it was running so out of control that it was painful. Huge punch to the gut before the crest of the second hill and if you didn't lead your head into the twisty curves it was almost whiplash. First time I've ever seen so many riders crying or wishing they hadn't ridden after the ride was over. Almost as if the train was running too fast, the ejector air was painful. Maybe this was just a fluke since I would never have considered El Toro rough before, I just hope it doesn't get worse!

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Anything built by Summers and Dinn.


Plus Grizzly, SOB, Twisted Sisters (Twins) and Psyclone (SFMM)



I never understood why people considered Twisted Twins painful, especially considering it was at the same park as Thunder Run & T2

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Both Mean Streak and Blue Streak at Cedar Point are giving some pretty bad rides this year but Pingu1651 loves them.


How'd you know? Actually, Blue Streak isn't that bad. I ride back seat everytime and I rarely feel roughness. Maybe that's because it has more airtime than Millennium Force and that's all I'm focused on...

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