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  1. You know I've been wondering the same thing. We got a teaser from them in April..then nothing since. I found this article though. Hopefully we hear something soon. http://www.expressnews.com/business/local/article/SeaWorld-San-Antonio-to-begin-construction-on-8379158.php
  2. Lumberhacks was definately a highlight of Howloscream last year, albeit shorter than the average BGW maze. Hopefully weather will cooperate with the park for Howloscream. Tropical systems hitting Memorial Day weekend and now Labor Day weekend are going to leave their mark on attendence this year. Poor SEAS and their luck. I'll be doing my part to help their finances by consuming plenty of alcohol at bierfest!
  3. No, no, no! You are not looking at it properly. This is the most immersive coaster ever. You (the rider) are the pirate that is hiding. That is why you don't appear in the picture you took inside the building. If you ride it again and pretend you are the pirate, it will make perfect sense. Haha. I love those sketchy P.O.S. coasters on the Jersey shore that often leave you wondering if you should have updated your will before riding as you climb the lift. That Interpark model on Funtown Pier was actually a lot of fun! (RIP) That said, I am going to have to put my vote in for Flig
  4. OMG, I can't stand these ignorant stupid comments by coaster nerds that know absolutely nothing about what they are talking about. Spare us your idiotic "expert" knowledge and write about something you know about because it clearly isn't about roller coasters or theme park operations. Ok?? Robb im sure you know a lot, but so do I. I just dont run a site. I have connections in parks. So do you. Shouldnt you pick on a person that says i305 was a failure, KD is going out of business etc?
  5. I'm talking about in the eyes of the GP. It could be debated that Millennium Force is the most popular rollercoaster on the planet and Maverick is universally loved by GP and enthusiasts. When they married the two, they only achieved mass amounts of love from the enthusiasts whereas the GP didn't respond quite like they had hoped. I305 may have brought in more attendance. I'm not going to argue that. What it does not have though is the ridership. What we have seen is CF no longer doing business with Intamin after I305. What we haven't seen is anything like this being built in the years sin
  6. It could also be due to an outside factor such as economic recovery. While in a sense this is true, it frequently runs one train. I've only been there twice when it was running 2 trains and every time it is a station wait while running one train. That makes Volcano have essentially the same capacity/hr. Never seen it, personally. I've seen all three have short lines but never has I305 had the longest. Shaky argument, but possibly true. However, respect doesn't pay the bills. Look, I don't want to come across like I dislike the ride. I think it's great and it fall
  7. This year, Alpengeist is running smoother than I have felt it in 4 years honestly! But like Chuck, I never thought it was intolerable, just a love tap occasionally in the cobra roll (my favorite part).
  8. ^^As evident by their Verbolten webcam, the ride is up and running just fine...
  9. Wow Chuck! Verbolten has changed a lot since you and me were on the hard hat tour!! Thanks for the update, I hope to go next sunday.
  10. Not to brag or anything...but I was Facebook fan they interviewed. Was going to post the video, but I figured that would be vain.
  11. Amen to that--the tour was great. Nice meeting you yesterday. Thanks Chuck. You too! Thanks for the positive reviews on our trip reports everyone
  12. Yes they did mention that the vegetation would make it so you would not be able to see the launch tunnel until it is about to happen.
  13. So Today, March 1, was the Verbolten Hard Hat tour for the media, as well as those involved in the Busch Gardens Social Media Facebook contest. I was involved with the later. Busch Gardens decided to select 10 winners (originally 5 winners) from well over a hundred essays written to them about why they should be selected. Apparently I had a strong case! My A's in college writing classes finally paid off! Today was a freakishly warm day for March, as it was pushing 75 degrees outside, under mostly sunny skies with windy conditions. Much better than the very heavy rain eastern Virginia dealt wi
  14. I just returned from the Verbolten Hard Hat Tour. It was awesome and a few unknown things came up. I will try to have a Photo TR up sometime later today or tomorrow. Until then, Here are a few new facts. -The 5th train arrived at the park today, though the park refuses to release it's color. -The helix inside the event building was designed so that there will be .5 lateral G forces along with positive g forces. -The ride is the most expensive ride to date for BGW, and one of the largest capital investments to date company wide. (Though Larry Giles declined to reveal exactly how much.
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