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Worst Ride Name

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Never liked the name, the Smiler. I also don't really get the name for Stealth. I would have preferred they stuck with the original name of EDGE. Now if you think I am already BSing you after one day back, look at the image below.


Look! Even Stealth himself is trying to call himself EDGE, but Merlin insist of painting over it.

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Most of La Ronde's rides have awful names, but the worst is Le Super-Manège (the Super Ride), an ugly Vekoma corkscrew with baynercurve.


That sounds like the english speaking six flags employees tried coming up with the name by looking at an english to french dictionary



Actually, the "supermanège" was installed in 1981 and it was the first time at La Ronde that you could get upside down on a roller coaster. And it did it twice! That's why it was, at this time, a super ride. They never changed the name. 30 something years later, I can understand how some people think the name doesn't fit the ride anymore.

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Sometimes I wonder what those folks in China (and basically all of Asia) actually call kiddie coasters like Coastal Ant and Hyper Kid Coaster. Do they just call them "Kiddie Coaster" like we call ours?


Here are some other interesting names I could find while I browse interesting listings on RCDB:

"Let's take a ride on Boogie-woogie Space Coaster!"

Now they don't actually call it this, it must be a messed up translation!

I think this is the only coaster on the planet themed to jars.

Believe it or not, there are two other coasters themed to bananas!

Okay maybe theming rides to bananas isn't as strange as we think: there is a "park" called "Go Bananas" in Illinois.

There are sixty one roller coasters that steal the model name. Much worse than our American Miner Mike Clones.

This is adorable. One day I will get this credit when I finally make it over to Lewa Adventure to ride Flash.

Again, there are twenty nine coasters that share a name that are all the same model. They need to be a bit more creative over there.

What is so attractive about a kiddie coaster themed to rats?

They have to call this ride by its name - its a knockoff SLC!

Iron Rattler's little brother should change its name to this.

The fact that this was "new" intrigued me but then HOPKINS

There are seventy five Asian coasters named "spinning coaster" but this one forgot to bring its A-game.


And here are some other self-explanatory strange names:

In The Woods Flying Mouse

Inertia Airplane Car


NDH Flying Lion Coaster


Here, take this L.

Taiwanese junior coasters are raising the roof!

Here, take this A.

Space Vehicles!


That was a hell of a post. Thanks for being intrigued like me.



HAHA...this is great!

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^ It's not funny. It's dumb. And the name itself is dumb. The theme is dumb. It's just all around dumb.

Cool, one fewer person in front of me in line at Knott's!


I would ride it if it wasn't for the painful shin guards.

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If they called it Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth, or Wonder Woman's Golden Lasso, it would make more grammatical sense. That's why I don't like the ride name Riddler Revenge at SFOT. They forgot their possessives. Riddler Revenge is still an amazing ride though. Another bad ride name is Hades 360. I get it, it has a corkscrew now. Any ride name that lacks possessives is a bad ride name.

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