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  1. That sounds like the english speaking six flags employees tried coming up with the name by looking at an english to french dictionary Actually, the "superman├Ęge" was installed in 1981 and it was the first time at La Ronde that you could get upside down on a roller coaster. And it did it twice! That's why it was, at this time, a super ride. They never changed the name. 30 something years later, I can understand how some people think the name doesn't fit the ride anymore.
  2. I always thought that all wave pools worked the same way, with those big pannels that push up the water. Here is the one at St-Sauveur waterpark, not too far from Montreal, canada. Great view of the wave system at 1:04 [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  3. Pretty bad..... at least 20 minutes for Dragon and 30 minutes for Toboggan Nordique. If you get a flash pass, instead of running to vampire or goliath in the morning and then wait 30 minutes for flats rides in the afternoon, start with the smaller rides in the morning. Nobody in lines. Toboggan nordique Disco-Ronde Dragon Demon (better in the morning, before the heat makes the brake slip, ending with a boring ride in the afternoon) Phoenix Pitoune (log flume) Then use your flashpass for the coasters. You'll end up having a great day and going on a lot more rides than people without flashpass who try to do all the coasters early and end up waiting 30-40 minutes on each, before the 2nd trains are on the rides. And i'll repeat it another time, try DEMON in the morning ! It really is an awesome ride but sometimes it fails to do it's flips, and most of the time it's in the end of the afternoon. In the morning it's the craziest flat ride at the park.
  4. ITs funny that both La Ronde and discovery kingdom will have the smaller and the bigger version. We have the original zamperla Discovery and you have a Huss frisbee.
  5. Manitou is the original version of zamperla's Discovery ride. It used to swing past 90 degrees for the first 2 or 3 seasons. Then it was lowered to 90 degrees for a few seasons. Now it doesn't swing past 45 degrees..... It used to be awesome but now it's just a fun family ride. I've been complaining about La Ronde still calling Manitou a "thrill ride" for a few years now. Titan is making me really happy now ! Then can keep Manitou if they want. It's still a great ride, but it'S definitly not the "thrill ride" it used to be, and it has never been the thrill ride that Titan will be ! It's a nicely themed ride though....
  6. Everyone thinks CF's additions are crap ? Well I't take any troika over a Zamperla Disko, and I'd prefer any Mondial Top Scan or Inferno rides over a Larson Loop........
  7. I know it's a little off-topic now, but here is the first video of "Gravitor" (Rush Street Flyer) at La Ronde. I've been at the park a couple of times, and everyone seem to love the ride!
  8. Rush Street Flyer opened yesterday under it's new name and theme : Gravitor. Apparently La Ronde did a lot of work on the ride and got a lot of new mechanical parts. It's the beginning of a second life for this "Falling Star" ride. I went on it today. It looks pretty boring when you look at it, but it's actually a fun ride. I think La Ronde's customers will be glad that the park got it. The park was lacking family rides.
  9. Some news from La Ronde Here is what Rush Street Flyer (now called Gravitor) will look like :
  10. Allright. I'm afraid that when I'll try this ride, it will make me miss the zierer Flying Carpet more than I already do. This ride was so fast and violent. I think the Zierer versions are the best of all the flying carpet type rides.
  11. Thanks for the pics ! So , was the Rush Street Flyer a great ride ? Any sensations at all? People seemed to love the ride, but I kinda find it slow when I look at the vids on youtube.....
  12. La Ronde always use french name for their ride, except for proper noun like "Goliath" or words that doesn't really exist like "Gravitor". Vampire is a french word, Demon is also a french word, Boomerang is also accepted as a french word. They already made announcement for Gravitor, so that's why they just kept the same name. The won't use "mass transit with a twist" anywhere, it's juste the way six flags describe the ride on the video. Gravitor was originally supposed to be a Gosetto "Party Dance" ride. Very small ride that looks like a shopping mall ride, not a Six Flags amusement park type of ride ! I'm glad they went with the rush street flyer instead. I looked at a lot of videos of the Rush Street Flyer and it looks very slow to me. We used to have a Zierer Flying Carpet 10-15 years ago that was CRAZY FAST. Is the Rush Street Flyer a good ride ? Any airtime at all ? Any good sensation? In every comments I read about Rush Street Flyer, people seamed to love this ride, so I guess it isn't that boring at all. As for the location in the park, I was told that the "Avenue Adventure" with the Gravitor and the new Flying Scooter ride called "Phoenix" will be behing the Demon ride (Mondial Roll Over), next to the Huss Pirate. That's funny because the Huss Rainbow that La Ronde used to have in the 80's was where the Huss Pirate is sitting today, and later, in the 90's, the Zierer Flying Carpet was almost right next to the Pirate, where the new bumper cars are. Huss rainbow in 1985 (with Le Monstre wooden coaster in construction at the background and the first pirate ship that was later replaced by the flying carpet). The rainbow used the french name "Arc-en-ciel" And Zierer Flying Carpet. La Ronde used the french name : Tapis Volant. Still the name was written in German on the ride itself, the ride came from germany. At the back we can see the new Huss Pirate sitting were it still sits today, were the rainbow used to be.
  13. HWFan, you said you were ask not to post any pictures of the rush street flyer on the flatbeds for two weeks or so. Is it been to weeks yet ? I can't wait to see those pics, as this ride is going to be installed at my home park !
  14. Might not be from Sally corp. I used webarchive "wayback machine" and saw that La Ronde was already in their customers list in 2012... so that's nothing new. I don't know what did sally corp. do at La Ronde before, though.
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