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Worst Ride Name

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I do not really have a worst ride name. But what I do hate is when parks (cough Six Flags cough) change names like the Joker. I mean it is not the first time that Six Flags pulled a stunt like that. Not to mention it is annoying how they use the same names for all of their rides. Batman, Superman, Joker, even Dare Devil Dive!

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My favorite "bad" names for rides


. (Tony Hawk's) Big Spin

. Goliath

. Viper

. Valravn

. Beast/Beastie

. Steel/Iron (insert some sort of fierce creature here)

. Borg Assimilator

I wouldn't say Goliath, Viper or Beast are bad names (they all fit well when used with the right coasters), they're just overused.


Coaster Express gets my vote. Both incredibly lazy and nonsensical.

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Let's go old school... Dodgem 2 at Cedar Point. It was replaced by Dragster but the fact that Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 would have automatically named a ride Dodgem 2 in the rare event that you were so lazy that you built two of the same rides and forgot to name both of them really speaks volumes about be quality of the name.

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Let's go old school... Dodgem 2 at Cedar Point. It was replaced by Dragster but the fact that Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 would have automatically named a ride Dodgem 2 in the rare event that you were so lazy that you built two of the same rides and forgot to name both of them really speaks volumes about be quality of the name.

This. 1000x this. What's even weirder is that there's nothing against naming two rides the same thing, so they could've just as easily named it "Dodgem." But they had the genius idea of differentiating them (which would be fine, had they not...) by calling it Dodgem 2.

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I apologize for bumping this thread but...Death Train. And to top from what I have seen it's the only remaining Schwarzkopf Katapult operating (unless some are on the traveling circuit).


Why on earth would you name something Death Train? Like, I get it; there are zillions of coasters out there that are named after things/animals/phenomena that can kill us but explicitly naming it "Death Train" seems like poor taste. At least rename Manhattan Express to Pain Train because that would make sense!



Joker: Okayyyy...Joker's what exactly? Oh it's just called Joker? Not Joker's Jinx, Joker's Revenge, or even Joker: The Ride? Not even The Joker? Six Flags, please, you're killing me!


Colossus: The Fire Dragon: Great ride at (from what I heard) a really great park but I feel like the name came from a disagreement where one person wanted "Colossus" and the other "Fire Dragon."


Beaver Land Mine Ride sounds like a 1970s adult movie.


Let's be honest... Most Japanese coaster names are the most mind numbingly stupid combination of words!

Something like: "Super Happy Fun Thrill Coaster " Well, you get my point.

Well High Speed Thrill Coaster was a thing

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The two worst names for me are the Tickler and Rita.


Tickler is creepy, and then they have that horrifying logo.


Rita is ridiculous. How is a girl named Rita supposed to feel when she goes to Alton towers and all the boys are making jokes about riding Rita?


There are a few that I've grown to like:

1. Zumanjaro: Okay, that area of Great Adventure has tigers and I would say is themed more to India, consequently, but the gist is that it's the jungle, so Africa works just as well for most of us who don't know much about jungles, and Zumanjaro is a good play on Kilimanjaro.


2. Wicked Cyclone: I still don't like the idea of adding an adjective to the original name of an RMCed coaster, but if they had to add an adjective to Cyclone, they picked the right one for New England.

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I don't really have any coaster names I hate, but there are some very repetitive names I'm not fond of. Mostly if it's a Vekoma Boomerang called "Boomerang", or any of the damned Mind Eraser clones. And how the hell do those rides "erase" your mind, anyway? Your brain stores virtually everything you see and do even if you don't remember it later. Maybe your experience is "erased" if you hit your head on the restraint enough times, I don't know.


Also, now that I think of it, Sidewinder at Elitch Gardens is deceiving. How is it a sidewinder if the ride has almost no lateral movement whatsoever?

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Anything with these formats:


"Thing: The Blank"

"The thing: Blank"

"Thing: Blank's blank"

"Thing: Blank of/from/the blank"


etc you get the point


Legitimately LOLd on the subway at this. If a ride was named any of these, especially "Thing: Blank's blank" it would be my favorite thing ever.

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Sometimes I wonder what those folks in China (and basically all of Asia) actually call kiddie coasters like Coastal Ant and Hyper Kid Coaster. Do they just call them "Kiddie Coaster" like we call ours?


Here are some other interesting names I could find while I browse interesting listings on RCDB:

"Let's take a ride on Boogie-woogie Space Coaster!"

Now they don't actually call it this, it must be a messed up translation!

I think this is the only coaster on the planet themed to jars.

Believe it or not, there are two other coasters themed to bananas!

Okay maybe theming rides to bananas isn't as strange as we think: there is a "park" called "Go Bananas" in Illinois.

There are sixty one roller coasters that steal the model name. Much worse than our American Miner Mike Clones.

This is adorable. One day I will get this credit when I finally make it over to Lewa Adventure to ride Flash.

Again, there are twenty nine coasters that share a name that are all the same model. They need to be a bit more creative over there.

What is so attractive about a kiddie coaster themed to rats?

They have to call this ride by its name - its a knockoff SLC!

Iron Rattler's little brother should change its name to this.

The fact that this was "new" intrigued me but then HOPKINS

There are seventy five Asian coasters named "spinning coaster" but this one forgot to bring its A-game.


And here are some other self-explanatory strange names:

In The Woods Flying Mouse

Inertia Airplane Car


NDH Flying Lion Coaster


Here, take this L.

Taiwanese junior coasters are raising the roof!

Here, take this A.

Space Vehicles!


That was a hell of a post. Thanks for being intrigued like me.

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Im sure this was said a dozen times but I'd say the worst names are repetitive names. Like Batman or Goliath. The names alone are ok but it can be very confusing and tiring when several coasters have the same names through out the country or even world. There is so many creative ideas people can think up of to name a coaster. Each coaster is unique in their own way and should have a different name. The only exception would be if they were exact clones. But take Goliath at SF Great America and then Goliath at Magic Mountain. They are totally different from each other. Different company. Different type of coasters. Ones wood. Ones Steel. So its silly they sure the name. Its not like naming humans where there is billions of us so of course there will be several names reused over and over but there is only so many coaster in the world compare to people.

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^ SF will reuse names like Goliath in their respective parks because it saves money on trademark fees, having to design new logos, etc. They are not concerned at all with discussions amongst coaster nerds possibly becoming confusing.


Since you brought up naming humans, it's pretty easy to tell humans apart even if they have the same name. For example, I would never confuse Elissa Alvey with my sister's friend Elissa who used to live down the street. I'd know better. Coaster nerds should have no problem at all telling the difference between Goliath @ SFMM and Goliath @ SFFT or SFGAm as they are all completely different types of coasters.

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