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Worst Ride Name

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Colorado Adventure: the Michael Jackson Thrill Ride at Phantasialand in Germany.


Mainly because it's a standard mine train coaster with no connection to Michael Jackson at all, plus it implies that there may be unsettling surprises during it. Hee hee! HOO!


Also, any of the rides in Asia with English names that have embarassingly-obvious spelling or grammar errors.

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I am not too happy with the name Total Mayhem. It might grow on me, but it is painfully generic for a park with some of SF's best, most original names (Nitro, El Toro, Kingda Ja, Zumanjaro). Total Mayhem sounds like an RCT coaster at one of the pre-built parks the game comes with.

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^ Hate to break it to you there is a connection. He opened the ride and visited Phantasialand a couple of times.

Anyway it is just called Colorado Adventure now. The 'Michael Jackson' part of the name was dropped a few years back.

I always thought that was nothing more then a pseudo (I hope I use that word correct) name. Like yes there was that sing hanging underneath the start of the first lift, but the actual name was and always has been nothing more then just Colorado Adventure.

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