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  1. it stops counting the revolutions at some point towards the end. i did at least 37 flips. you can hear the lock clicking as you keep spinning at the end but i was spinning too fast for it to stop. then i sat down for a bit...
  2. magic mountain and michigans great adventure? Best case scenario: All the great coasters of MM, but operated and maintained be cedar fair. Worst case scenario: Neglected SLC headbanger stacked like only 6 flags can when it is not closed for lift chain replacement.
  3. I hope those trucks are haunt props and not an indication of how they treat their maintenance vehicles.
  4. Hello?! Aquatrax and full scale dippin dot's schmorgasborg! It could happen. Can't we celebrate the new flat ride, waterslide and new re-tracking of one of our original coasters cedar fair is investing in our park before speculating about stuff we have no knowledge or control of?
  5. Maybe they will make it round again not hexagonal. This was once one of the best parts of the coaster but in the past few years has rendered it almost unrideable.
  6. Wonderland is going to have to build a new coaster for all of the trump defectors. It is gonna be YUGE!
  7. sure. it is a slow news day now that the us election is settled and everybody is peacefully getting back to their daily lives...
  8. At the park this Morning and it looks like riptide is either getting overhauled or just hauled outta there. If you look closely you can see workers are inside the bearings on either side and look like they are cleaning the grease. At first glance i thought they might be removing it to put the new ride there but seeing the workers inside it, it May just be repair. The parts with the seats are in behind near the base of dragon fyre's lifthill. RIPtide?
  9. the picture of falcons flight on pg 298 shows 6 cars per arm. didn't the originals have 7 like the troika beside it? does this mean it is a new generation condor?
  10. speaking of visiting the park, i may go for the morning next sunday for the ert time at 9:00am and stay until 11 or 12:00. It is behemoth ert time that day. the next week is leviathan, and i might go then too.
  11. It actually works very well on the SFC. Less weight on the train gives less stress on the boogies which in turn gives a smoother ride. TBH I'm not even sure any SLC uses similar dampeners. The new SLC uses a stiff construction and I think the old ones do to. [attachment=0]wildwood2008_03.jpg[/attachment] you can see the upstop wheels not quite touching the track! on the SLC hang and bangs, one of the problems is that the bogie can move up and down and back and forth on the track, amplifying the banging. Sometimes you come flying into the final brake run and the wheels keep spinning because they don't touch the track.
  12. They're gonna push some dirt around and put up a few flags to keep nicman happy.
  13. Hey does anybody know what is going on with the Enterprise/ Orbiter? I was there briefly sunday morning and they had a bunch of maintenance guys there lifting the boom up and down without rotating the wheel (which was kinda cool to watch). The hydraulics were making some miserable groaning sounds too. I don't know if it was for service or training, or was there some kind of problem? The last couple of times i have ridden it this year the boom did not go up to vertical and it was making funny noises and smelling of hydraulic fluid. I hope they completely overhaul it over the off season. It looks like it is getting tired out. This is not surprising since it is almost 40 years old and in service every day all summer. CF have been going to Europe to find vintage rides like this to restore for their parks, and here they have one of the last remaining Huss giant enterprises. Take good care of it guys!
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