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  1. Ultimate, The @ Lightwater Valley (I hope this works)
  2. Jurassic World was really good. It was almost as good as the original IMO. I didn't see the 3D version, though.
  3. That looks interesting to say the least. It'd be cool if I had one of those myself.
  4. Temesto looks like a unique coaster. Hopefully, I will ride it this summer.
  5. 120 degree weather. Spiders or roaches?
  6. I'm sorry if this is a bad place to ask, but what CS would be good for making a café?
  7. -Opened in 1979 -110 feet tall -Longest Wooden Rollercoaster in the World Next Ride: Green Lantern - Six Flags Great Adventure
  8. I'm kind of in the same boat. I was also hoping to do a TPR trip either this year or next year. Looks like it'll be next year. However, we can still organize trips with other TPR members who are interested.
  9. Sounds like a bad translation from an Asian coaster .
  10. Where did the practice of calling lockers fluffy, fluffy bunnies filles with medicine and goo come from? Where did it originate? Why are lockers called fluffy, fluffy bunnies filled with medicine and goo?
  11. After having both Pepsi and Coke lately, I liked Pepsi more than Coke.
  12. Zipper Dipper - Blackpool Pleasure Beach
  13. This is my first RCT3 project on this forum. I have not done serious park building in RCT in years, so I might be rusty. This is going to be a story park, inspired by other threads I have seen. So far, I am not using CS, but I may add CS if necessary. This'll be a story park that goes with the flow somewhat. WERBER AMUSEMENT PARK - GRAND OPENING Hello, everyone. I would like to present a new amusement park opening up today on July 1, 1976. I have also interviewed Park Manager Richard Werber, who founded this business. Mr. Werber has told me that this is a small park, and that it has been a bit rushed because there has been pressure for the park to open by the 4th of July weekend. Although there is not much now, there has not been an amusement park in the community and the park could have potential. This is the main entrance of the park so far: This is the park's current roller coaster called "Dipper". It is a simple out-and-back woodie that is not very large, but provides a decent thrill: In addition, that space shows that there is room to expand. Werber plans to use the space. Here is a photo of the carousel and hot dog shop: Those hot dogs are proving to be really popular! The brick building is the information center. In the white building on the other side, there are restrooms and an ATM. NOTE: I have not gotten around to the terraforming/forestation yet. This is just a start.
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