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  1. Bump? I'm still hoping someone will answer this question. I know it's lame to go to CP for just a day and do only six coasters. I have my reasons. I just wanted to ask if this plan is feasible.
  2. Steel Hawg was perfectly smooth. Cornball Express was pretty darn smooth and an awesome coaster. It had some outstanding airtime, especially with the buzzbar only trains. Hoosier Hurricane is pretty bumpy at points but not what I'd call painful. Lost Coaster is very rough, but the trains are well padded and I feel like it helps make the coaster more of an experience. You forgot Tig'rr, which is smooth and a fun ride when it is running. Otherwise I agree with these assessments. Lost Coaster is such a unique ride.
  3. I don't think there's ketchup in the hot sauce, but can't say for sure. I never cared for them all that much, but they do have a following of sorts. They are definitely leaving the park at the end of the year, and that's permanent. I think the owners may try to open up a shop in town, but they haven't announced that at all.
  4. For those who care about this park, or the food within, The Taco Shoppe (which has always been an independent contractor renting space from the park owners) has announced this will be their last season at Indiana Beach. Future plans for an alternate location are not yet determined.
  5. Hey CP experts. I'm going to the park for the very first time on Friday, July 20. I have no idea what kind of lines to expect at the coasters. I'm hoping someone can give me advice. I know a lot is weather dependent, so let's assume no rain and average temps. My kids are not big enough for some of the coasters, and I don't want to overdo it and wear everyone out. So my plan is to do Blue Streak, Gemini, and Magnum before lunch at Chik Fil A, and Cedar Creek, Iron Dragon, and Millenium Force after lunch, with a few flats and a train ride thrown in there. Is this all pretty much do-able by about 4 PM? Edited to add: I don't plan on buying the Fast Lane.
  6. I love Indiana Beach, but the name Steel Hawg is terrible.
  7. I totally agree about the IB tower, it's crazy fun. As far as what Hershey Park is doing, I find it to be weird as hell. It's going to look cool, but I don't think all three towers are going to find an audience.
  8. Just make sure to sit in the back or wear sunglasses. I did neither and got an eye full of soot. Very regretful.
  9. Note Dollywood's subtle yet firm instruction to people concerned about Lightning Rod's status to "loosen up."
  10. I'm about 3 weeks away from my first trip to Dollywood. Quick question: For a family of six (arriving in a minivan) is the extra incremental charge for "Preferred Parking" worth it? How much of a benefit would you say it is?
  11. The first coaster I ever rode had an inversion. It was the (now gone) Tidal Wave at Six Flags Great America, and I was 7 or 8 years old.
  12. Great trip report PVA62. You really have a talent for photography.
  13. You might be laughing, but I'd love to ride it again. Just with a pillow wrapped around my head/neck.
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