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What is your non-theme park travel bucket list?


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So I know we all have a "bucket list" of theme parks we want to go to and rides we want to ride...but what about your top non-theme park locations?


Why don't we limit it to your top three...and make sure to explain why!


Here are mine...


1) Cuba - There is something about it being "forbidden" which has always intrigued me. I have wanted to travel here for years and I want to do it the second the embargo drops. I would love to see it trapped in the 1950s before it becomes a cruise ship port.


2) Ibiza - I love EDM and have wanted to go to Ibiza for years. Can we have a TPR trip there?


3) The Ice Hotel in Sweden - I know it is a novelty and I would probably hate it after 20 minutes, but I really want to see it and spend a night in it.

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1. Do some winery tours and tasting in Napa/Sonoma/ wherever the cool kids are going these days. These probably are not as much fun as I think they would be but I've always wanted to do one.


2. Octoberfest, even though it's kind of theme park related I'm more interested in the beer and food and atmosphere in general than the coasters (Olympia Looping being the exception of course).


3. I've always wanted to go to a gigantic European Rock festival like Rock Am Ring, Glastonbury, Download, Rosklide anything. The lineup for those shows are pretty good every year but if one of my favorite bands were playing it would be even better.


4. Ski at Lake Tahoe, or Whistler, or Vail or any major resort destination west of the Mississippi really.


5. There are several golf courses I'd love to play but a golf trip to Scotland, or a trip to play Pebble Beach are pretty high on that list.


6. Dubai, again kind of theme park related but I just want to see the place.


7. I've got a ton of sporting events that could make up it's own bucket list but the crown jewel would be going to The Masters one of these days if I could ever get tickets.

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1) Cuba - There is something about it being "forbidden" which has always intrigued me. I have wanted to travel here for years and I want to do it the second the embargo drops. I would love to see it trapped in the 1950s before it becomes a cruise ship port.

Same, although Cuba isn't my number one.


Back in the day, I had several yacht captains offer to take me along during their fishing trips there. The only problem was that they always came with a few too many cautionary tales from their prior trips, as well as the line, "but don't worry, the yacht is well armed." Needless to say, I never made the trip, but I'm with you....I'd love to see it before it gets bastardized by tourism one day.


1) Japan. And crazy enough, it's not even for the theme parks...including Disney. The parks are a distant second to the culture.


2) Antartica. The day I can afford a $25,000-50,000 vacation, I'm there! Why? It's tough to explain. It's just such a fascinating environment that not many people can ever say they've experienced firsthand.


3) Italy. Specifically for this....The Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este on Lake Como; what I think might be the single most beautiful spot in the world.

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1 - Oberrammergau to see their Passion Play, such a wonderful tradition started when The Plague spared this small German town. I tried to squeeze it into my roller coaster itinerary a few years ago but just couldn't swing it since it is an all day event and about 3 hours each way by train from Munich. It only occurs one year every every decade and tickets are difficult to come by if you are not a local or part of a tour group (where they gouge you on tickets).


2 - Mount Everest, not saying I could summit the whole thing, but would love to give it a try


3 - Summer Olympics with tickets to every day of the Track and Field events.

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Some non-theme park related trips I do intend to take at some point


-New Orleans for Mardi Gras

-Japan in the winter

-A Super Bowl

-Play a round of golf at Pebble Beach

-As strong of opinions as I may have of the SEC, I'd still love to go to a big time SEC game and see the atmosphere.

-Finish up visiting all the MLB stadiums

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Top 3 for me in no particular order:


* Mardi Gras (still hoping for a time share to open for us in 2014 as we are on the waiting list)


* Alaska - only state in the US I have yet to visit.


* Karibbean Kruise to klassy tropical islands

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Here's the cream of the crop of my list since my whole list is too long to post.



New Zealand

Costa Rica


Any Polynesian Country

Oktoberfest (The rides look good, but even without them, I still really wanna go to this event)

Mardi Gras

A Brazilian Carnival


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I am a 21 year old HUGE playground fan. I try to go on a playground, any playground when ever I can. I will even go on a playground in 38 degrees cold weather or 98 degree weather!

The Manderach-Memorial-Playground is really high on my playground bucket list even though I am 21!


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- England (Done in 2012)

- France (Done in 2012)

- Spain, Barcelona mainly (2013 maybe)

- Germany

- The "former" Netherlands Antilles in the Carribbean

- Dubai & Abu Dhabi in the UAE

- East Coast USA

- Northern Europe (Sweden, Norway, etc)

- Cuba (Not possible currently for US citizens but hopefully in the future it will be!)

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Mine is pretty long but off the top of my head:


1. Japan (Which will be ticked off in 2013)

2. Berlin

3. Eat pizza and pasta in Italy

4. Road trip around Texas

5. Halong Bay, Vietnam

6. North Korea (not kidding)

7. Have a Singapore Sling in Singapore

8. Escargot in Paris

9. Palau, Micronesia

10. A vineyard tour in the Napa Valley

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I've barely even started thinking about out-of-USA travel. Pun intended, there's a whole world of possibilities.


Domestically, a few places I'd like to go, and hopefully within the next 5-ish years...

1) Florida Keys / Dry Tortugas National Park

2) Katahdin (highest mountain in Maine)

3) New Orleans / southern Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana (see how close I can get to the end of the Mississippi)

4) Anywhere west of the 100th Meridian

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I haven't been out of the country yet, that said I really want to see:





Hong Kong



The Real Matterhorn


Also I want to see a baseball game in every MLB Stadium (So far I have 2)

New York

Grand Canyon

Niagra Falls

Mount Rushmore


I have a ton more, but I won't list it all.

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This is a bit of a challenge for me, as I'm one of those hardcore coaster enthusiasts who rarely has qualms about planning trips that mostly or exclusively focus on coasters. Yeah, it's often the other stuff that ends up being more memorable, but I'm always completely grateful for the parks and coasters I'm able to work in!


That said, here are a few ideas...


--Visit all 50 US states; I'm currently at 37 plus DC. And while I don't have any artificial requirements for what counts as a state credit, it might be nice to make proper visits to a few states I rolled right through on my first visit.

--Stay in a Victorian mansion, preferably in the tower. That is, if I don't rent or buy one first!


--More skyscraper credits.

--Prague, with its stunning architecture.

--New Orleans


I can definitely recommend NYC, especially for those who hesitate to leave the US. It's almost a country of its own!

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Cool topic. I'll play.


I've been to a lot of places, most of them in the last ten years (anyone that ever tells you that high school/college is "the best time of your life" is a horrible liar and should be tasered immediately. I never went anywhere when I was growing up, except to relatives' houses, where I got to listen to old people whine about how bread used to cost a nickel and other fascinating facts. This may explain a lot why I have such disdain for humans. Anyway, having money and being able to do whatever you want blows away stupid college about a billion times over), but there are a few that come to mind, including one that you'll think I'm insane for listing, but I don't care.


- I want to take Deena to Paris. She's never been there, and it's my favorite city in the world, and I know she'll love it

- Australia/ New Zealand

- South Africa, to go on a safari and also to go watch sharks off the coast. Not brave enough to get in a shark cage, though

- Alaskan cruise


I'd also like to visit all 50 states, but I have to sit down and figure out which ones I'm missing. And there are places I'd love to go again, like Yosemite.


But the number one place I want to visit, and feel that in this day and age that this is somewhere I SHOULD be able to visit is...THE MOON.


Seriously, we landed there 40-something years ago, why the hell does Southwest not already have $9999 flights there? I do not get this. One of my goals in life has always been to walk around on the moon (seriously. I wrote this down on a list a long time ago. One of the other things on the list is "never eat at Taco Bell" and I'm totally nailing that one so far). I do not understand why there has not been a massive push for space exploration/tourism. We've pretty much exploited every corner of this planet, is it not time to put casinos and terrible tacky shops in various moon craters? I THINK YES! If scientists fail us by not keeping the Kardashians from breeding, the least they can do is come up with some cheap rockets or whatever to get us to some sort of awesome moon base. I'm old, Rocket Scientists, so make this happen soon!



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There are so many places I'd like to visit, it's hard to list them all. First, I'd like to get around to visiting all the 50 states and any other territories the USA owns. Once I get that down, there are many other countries I'd love to travel to.


-Australia. I've always seemed fascinated by this continent and country, it just looks like a very diverse country to visit.

-Croatia. It's a beautiful country and considering I am Croatian, it would be a great place to visit. Maybe on some sort of cruise.

-UK. I've REALLY wanted to visit England, Scotland, Ireland and all those other countries. Such a place rich in culture.

-Japan. After seeing the TPR trips to Japan, it just looks like a crazy, fun place to go.

-Dubai. This ever growing city seems like a really great place to visit. Maybe one of the only places in the Middle East I would consider visiting as of now.

-NYC again. NYC is just amazing. When I went last February, it was just so amazing. The food, people, places. Very memorable.


But other than those main places, there are so many places I'd love to visit before I grow old that I didn't list. I'm hoping I'll get to most of them in the coming future.

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2 days at DisneyLand Paris.

3 days at the Louvre

1 day for Arc du triumph

1 day to roam around to cafes


my partner won't fly overseas, but one day. . . one day. . .

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Very surprised not to see Hawaii.


We did that last year, so that knocked it off my top "wanna go before I die" list.


I'd highly recommend for those who have never been to do what we did, and Island Hop, as there are several "do not miss" things on Hawaii:


1) Big Island : Don't miss Volcano National Park, Kilauea eruption into the sea (via helicopter), Sunset/Star-watching from the top of Mauna Kea (right in front of all the international observatories).


2) Maui: Road to Hanna (but recommend strongly a tour, instead of trying to drive, so you can actually look at the scenery), Io Valley National Park, Scuba at Molokai.


3) Oahu: Swim on Waikiki beach, Pearl Harbor Visitor Center (USS Arizona Memorial, USS Utah Memorial, USS Missouri tour), Punchbowl National Cemetery (with STUNNING mosaics and an incredible view of downtown Honolulu), Polynesian Cultural Center (its like EPCOT, but for all the Polynesian Islands!. . we spent HOURS here).


and of course, a Luau -- on any island, really, but the one on Maui was fantastic, and the one at the Polynesian Cultural Center was very authentic.

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1.) Seeing Alabama play in every SEC stadium. Currently only missing Texas A&M, Missouri, and Kentucky. Have also seen them play in the Georgia Dome, Superdome, Rose Bowl, Jacksonville, Orlando, and Shreveport. Would also love to see games in other big time stadiums (Big House, Horseshoe, OU/Texas, etc.).


2.) Visit all 50 states.


3.) Take a nice, long cruise on one of the Oasis class ships.


Then there's the outside the US travel list

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