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What's the highest number of times you've ridden ONE coaster

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Well, if you mean how many rides I've done in one day then it would be Greezed Lightnin' at SFKK on media day with 13. If you mean overall, then I would have to say probably Chang. I think I'm probably in the 50s on that one. I like to reride coasters, but not over and over and over.

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Nemesis inferno 1260 times after 2seasons.

Nemesis Inferno 103 most times in one day


All I can is ask is why

How many times did you get on Colossus in the 2 seasons ? 4 ?


I got bored doing Nemesis Inferno 16 times in one day


Paul 'Just cant see the point of doing the same coaster over & over & over again" Chapman

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KBF (Solace '03) -

26 on Xcelerator ... 18 were without getting up ... the 26 was throughout the whole Saturday of Solace ...

7 on Ghostrider ... 4 in a row (and that was pushing it)


SFMM (early 90's, all on the same day) -

14 on Colossus

12 on Ninja

9 on Revolution

8 on Flashback

5 on Viper

This was all right when Batman:TR opened and the lines were INSANE for it, which meant all other lines were walk on's, and I knew alot of Ride Ops at that time so we didn't have to get back in line alot of times ...


I also got about 8 rides on Batman: TR in the pouring rain after it first opened.


DLR - 12 on CA Screamin' ... not in a row, but 2 or 3 rides, to Avalon Cove for drinks ... 2 or 3 rides, then back to Avalon Cove for drinks ... It was at least 12, may have been more ...

Jim and Kristi probably have as much recollection of that day as I do ...

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Um. Dueling Dragons at least once almost everyday. And, if you are talking about a number of times in a row... would have to be the Dania Beach Hurricane... at 18 consecutive rides , with ERT, thanks to the Florida Coaster Club! It was so fun! I didn't miss a single dispatch! Sweeeeeet

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I remember like it was yesterday, it was the summer of 1978 and Andy Gibb was playing live at Six Flags over Mid America and while everyone was there watching the show, I was riding the grand old Screamin Eagle! and I rode it and rode it for a total of 48 times! and would do it again today, you gotta love the Screamin Eagle, it may not have giant hills, but it's got something!!


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I rode Avalanche at Timber Falls Adventure Park at the Wisconsin Dells for a total of 67 times in one day. All I can say is ouch. I had bruises all over my legs the next day. The airtime is fantastic on that ride though.


Also, a pair of ten ride marathons on Raging Bull and Superman at SfGam. Man I loved 11/02, closing day of 2003!


Oh man I can't wait for SfGam 2005! A Lot of Ohio will show up at the park. If you know what I mean.

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I was at Dollywood for the ERT the same day with Carnage, so that is probably my most consecutive ride count. Somewhere between 25 and 30 on Thunderhead. Funny thing is after a two hour marathon on a wood coaster, I did not have one bump, bruise, scratch or blemish of any kind.


For my lifetime, I would guess that it is probably Kumba with somewhere around 300-400. (used to live in Temple Terrace)

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