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  1. I just beat Crysis and bioshock all this week now im working on gears of war pc version..and im stuck.
  2. wow you met robert! how did you manage that one?. i live the cure.
  3. so I just got a Wii and i have no clue how to get this code or what it is.
  4. umm yay new coaster at a park ive never been.. nor will ever go to. just because im completely at the other end of the country
  5. yeah it said arms down after we launched i remember it... because it started going and i heard it....and then the rest was a blur.... as usual... since its so fast u dont remember what u see. but yeah i dont know... maybe its so people dont smash there heads or hurt there necks from the force of the launch... and i guess it could hurt your hands and arms?.. but i think it adds the the whole..... oh my god im gonna die... feeling that you get when its waiting to launch.
  6. britney spears is still hot crazy bald girls with 2 kids turn me on.
  7. well ive been a member for 3 years and havent done this yet. my super blue wall my hairs getting light again well i dont know
  8. ^Is stuck in Mavericks launch tunnel.....oh my.
  9. I really want to go to this park, but its such a long drive. Cedar Point is only 3 hours away so I always end up going there. But I would like to ride Nitro and Ka Very nice photos!
  10. GUYS THAT WEAR GIRL PANTS. ok im done.
  11. Pretty much any ride at Darien Lake, besides Superrrrr... well... i dont even know what its called these days......... Ride Of Steel?... Mantis @ CP. I did it one time, but never again. It really, really, hurt me. Corkscrew is also one i wont bother with.
  12. http://www.wlky.com/news/13547817/detai ... u&psp=news this was just on the tv like 2 seconds ago. *Mod Edit: Added text of article to post.
  13. I hope you're joking. Me to..!! If CP can barely fit new coasters....they dont have room for old ones. ..... and are they even aloud to build something that goes over the lake?... I mean...do they own so much of the water space?.
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