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What's the highest number of times you've ridden ONE coaster

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I did a mini-marathon of 11 rides on Giant Dipper. I could have done more but my cousin was waiting for me and didn't want to ride it. In total that day, I probably rode the dipper around 16 times.


On the otherhand, as far as Non-coasters go, I did 6 continuous rides on a Top Spin Voodoo @ SFMW...I regretted it afterwards although that ride was fun. The remainder of the night, I felt very nauseated.

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Well, if its in one day, then back in the day at the SCBB, we went when it was a bit crowded, so my brother and I went up to the Jet Star and rode it 12 times in a row, we just got off and ran back into the line and got right back on


They took out the ride like the next year

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The most I've ridden in a day is Rampage, 30+ times at each of the last 2 RRRs durign ERT. I could literally ride that coaster all night. Also rode Shivering Timbers around 30 times on the Friday of Timbersfest last year, although that was more because we were so bored with the rest of the park.

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most in one day:


Xcelerator - 74

Superman Tower of Power - 51

Batman: The Ride (SFOT) - 29

Titan - 20


and one I doubt many people have tried to marathon:


Spin-Out (SFMM) - 20 8)



highets total counts:


Xcelerator - 411

Superman Tower of Power - 226 (not bad, considering it's only been open for 2 seasons and it's had some downtime, plus the 2-3 months of offseason every year...)

Titan - 151

Batman: The Ride (SFOT) - 150

Mr. Freeze - 124

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On my trip to Magic Mountain a few years back I rode GoldRusher at night 68 times without getting off. Would have stayed on it to get the record, but the park was closing. I pretty much just got bored with the rest of the park and figured I would find a ride that I could re-ride easily.

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I don't keep track of how many times I've ridden any one coaster, but there is one record that I do know.


Back in Jr High (6th or 7th grade), I went to USH during school with a bunch of friends as a reward for selling magazines or wrapping paper or something like that (I don't exactly remember). Because it was a school day, there were light crowds, and because it was the winter (and a chilly 60 degrees out ), there was almost no line for Jurassic Park, despite the fact that it had just opened within the last year or so.


Anyway, we got on, rode, saw that there was almost no line, ran around through the lockers, and got back on. We kept doind this for six or seven rides, until the ride ops started recognizing us and telling us we could just stay on if we wanted to. After a dozen or so cycles, one of us asked what the record for consecutive rides was, and the ride op said 75 (a number that he probably pulled out of his a**). Therefore, we stayed on for 76 rides. After 25 or so, we were so wet that we didn't notice the water any more (there was this one girl with us in a white t-shirt, but that's another story), and we could predict the exact timing of every single ride element.


I've done 10 rerides on things like Riddler's Revenge and Scream recently, but I've never attempted anything like 75 again.


EDIT: I forgot to mention that part of our prize was that a limo would take us to and from the park. The limo driver was furious when we came back soaking wet, and made us steal trash bags to sit on.

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I think i'd have to say Kracken at Seaworld Fl.. i went there last year the park was packed... but nobody was gettng ont he ride so we rode that baby 19 times in a row.. front seat.. and then i think it started to rain too much for it to work.. and boy does it run w/ water smacking you in the head at those drops.

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I never was organized/obsessive enough to keep a strict tally, but I'll estimate about 500 on Magnum XL-200 over my lifetime.


Most in a day or two? That would be X, with 27 rides in a day, and 49 if counting that with the day after. This was during the season pass holder preview. I remember after riding it about 7 times, I went to ride Batman for a breather! Riding it alot makes your calves hurt as if they are cramping up. I met two other people who felt the same thing.

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Heh sfne2005 I wish I could be able to ride Superman SFNE that many times. I got 9 rides in two days. Good thing was the line was short.

I've been on Apollo's Chariot 136 times, and Alpengeist 139 times. Most in a day was 14 on Apollo's Chariot, and most without getting off was 7 on Alpengeist. Fun times.

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