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  1. Thought about Ace. Decided its not worth it. No futher thought on the subject.
  2. Maybe there is a private buyout that day at Elitch Gardens
  3. what we were thinking of doing is staying at buffalo bill's in Primm on the Nevada Border, hitting up desperado and then going to Vegas. Our biggest problem is when we are going, the 1st and 2nd of July. Prices on the strip are through the roof. Unfortunately it is the only time in our trip that we are able to go because the people we are going with have to work during the week. Has anyone ever stayed at Buffalo Bill's?
  4. I will also be going to Vegas this year. I was wondering where you(Mr. Stratosphere or anyone else) would recommend staying. We dont want to be on the strip and want to keep the budget reasonable.
  5. The park looked great. Theming inside and out. I wish it wasn't crawling so I could have ridden the rides, but what are you going to do?
  6. I cant really compare the orlando coasters as I havent been on any except the disney ones. As far as Cedar point goes, I went on a trip a few summers ago and spent a sunday night (starlight pass) and all day monday there. The sunday night was empty and I got on everything, including TTD and MF twice. I could easily see spending two full days there though. We just got extremely lucky that sunday.
  7. the B&M hyper trains are there. You pick the B&M style hyper track and change the train type. The default is the Giovanola version, but the B&M are there.
  8. Here in Chicago, innercity it is around 2.45 and in the suburbs it is around 2.31
  9. Thanks for the info. The reason we are staying in Carlsbad is because my girlfriend's sister lives there and its free to stay there. I'vce thought about getting a hotel in the northern LA area for a night, but since we are already spending the money on Vegas hotels and our budget is going to be stretched on entrance fees already, we might just make the commute and a late night. Also I realize that the time of year is extremely busy. Unfortunately it is the week that I have my vacation from work and is the only time possible to take the much needed vacation.
  10. I was wondering what suggestions people have for our trip. We are planning on hitting Magic Mountain one day and towards the end we are planning on heading to Vegas for a day or two. I have recently introduced my girlfriend to coasters and she has become just as addicted as I am so we are looking to hit as many parks as possible. We are going from the 24th of June until the 3rd/4th of July. We will be staying in Carlsbad with my girlfriends sister and are trying to figure out what to hit. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Could you make mine say "Look! No hands!" Thanks! I feels it goes great with my avatar.
  12. Besides homemade moonshine the strongest stuff you can get is absinth. It's so strong, its illegal in the states. I have tried it once while I was in europe and you basically trip on it. Russ "I wish I could legally drink in the states" Kellner
  13. The irish dude or Mustaffa. I cannot stand to be asked the same qustion 3 times or They're always afte' me lucky charms.
  14. That was absolutely hilarious! The weightlifting was the best part. Look mom no hands!
  15. almost? it is impossible to do anything like xcelerator. I've seen one version of a decent rocket coaster where it was two dueling tracks. Other than that the best thing to do with it is make a TTD style ride and just crank the peeps through it. I wish TTD could have the capacity that the ride does in the game.
  16. I like B&M and voted that way because of the fact that B&M has more variations on rides. No they dont have a launched stratacoaster, but they do have Dive Machines, Floorlesses, they were the first to have inverted, sit downs, hypers, standups, and flying coasters.
  17. I would like to say that I have a very unique "Religion," but the fact is that I wouldnt consider myself religious. I consider myself very spiritual which is similiar but almost infinitely different. To somewhat categorise me I would say I am a theistic existentialist. That means that I believe that there is some sort of higher plain of existence that many people consider to be "God" or Allah or (insert name of deity here), but I dont believe that any religion has ever gotten it right. How many wars have been fought over religion? How much more blood will be spilled? I don't think its about how you worship, but about how you live your life. I've known many people who are always there at Mass on Sunday, but outside of the church they act completely differently. I choose to live my life as the best person I can. Am I perfect? Far from it. But I think that if a person puts forth an effort to be a good person for their life, I dont think it matters if there is a heaven or not. If there is, I feel that living my life to the best of my ability is plenty enough to get me in. And if there is no life after death, then I have lived my life well and will die happy. I dont need a religion to tell me what is right and wrong. I believe that in the end people know what is right and wrong. and that sometimes life is gray instead of black and white. What matters isnt the decisions that you make that turn out to be wrong ones, what matters is the fact that you want them to be right ones. I was raised Roman Catholic, but ever since about 7tth or 8th grade when I was confirmed it became more like going through the motions, rather than actually believing. Throughout highschool I felt it was more important to help others learn to grow in spirituality rather than for me to go to church on Sunday. So instead of going to mass, I led the retreats for middle school kids. I feel as though I'm rambling on and not really making sense. I guess what I'm trying to say is that it doesnt really matter if you are Christian or Jewish or Muslim or Wiccan or etc. What matters is that you try to be a good person. You don't have to succeed, you just have to try. Russ "live your life and be happy when you die" Kellner
  18. DisneyWorld Six Flags Great America Busch Gardens Williamsburg Islands of Adventure Cedar Point Busch Gardens Tampa Big Chief (now Mt. Olypmpus) Six Flags New England Paramount Kings Island Six Flags Over Texas
  19. Yes, Earlier tonight I played Ghost Recon 2 on XBox Live for most of the...make that almost all of the night. Have you ever pulled an all nighter? Russ "Sleep? What's that?" Kellner
  20. On my trip to Magic Mountain a few years back I rode GoldRusher at night 68 times without getting off. Would have stayed on it to get the record, but the park was closing. I pretty much just got bored with the rest of the park and figured I would find a ride that I could re-ride easily.
  21. I have become a very huge Maynard fan and because of that I am usually listening to APC or Tool. I listen to any kind of music except Rap and Country. ~Russ "Counting Bodies like Sheep" Kellner~
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