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  1. Dear god! What if you woke up in the middle of the night and that thing was standing over your bed? I would seriously cry like a bitch. Agreed, I would probably also piss myself. That is SCARY! WOAH!!! That is the perfect picture for us to make a disney screamer. Like, for example, make a flash screamer where it asks the viewer to look for a hidden mickey in the picture, then while they are looking close at the screen the picture will pop up and there will be a loud roar noise!
  2. I KNOW! :shock: I notice it often happens when someone tries to make a disney park! There, I said it and I feel better.
  3. Well, here are some support stcructures I made using the Steelworx set. A barrel roll support. A basic loop support. Finally, a zero-g-roll support. I even put these up for download if you want to use them here.
  4. Does anyone know how to get the supports over 300ft high? I've seen people posting screenshots with their strata supports going over 400ft. I can only raise mine up to 100ft, then I cant raise it any higher because I cant move my mouse.
  5. Instead of using those rafts for jungle cruise, how about using these realistic jungle cruise boats for download that amazing earl made! http://www.amazingearl.com/rct2/ He also made pirates of the carribean boats and more disney rides!
  6. The contest ended today, and the winner is... the only person who entered, Corksrewy!
  7. Yeah I have your entry already, yours is the only entry so far. Remember, the contest ends tomorrow!
  8. Yes I also have all those scenery sets. But before you send in your entry, be sure to save your finished scenario(with the track in it) to save it as YOUR TPR USERNAME's entry. Example: Nintendo Ds's Entry
  9. Yeah, I have all the expansion packs. The reason why that the custom supports set was required because it was used in the park.
  10. Thanks for replying everyone, and im sorry for making that Steelworx a requirement, I wont make custom scenery a requirement in the next round. I already have 1 entry sent in, good luck everyone!
  11. This is the first round of a new game that uses RCT3. First, you download the pre-built track (It's in a scenario) it has a roller coaster that is not finished. You need to complete the Roller Coaster, You only have one week to complete it, send your entries to: nintendo-dualscreen@hotmail.com The winner of the currnet round will get to choose the next roller coaster type for next week. (But it's mostly for fun) Here are the rules for this week's round: 1.DO NOT USE AUTOCOMPLETE! 2.Dont delete the pre-built track. 3.The deadline is 12/3/05 4.Trees can be removed if needed. Requirements: RCT3 Steelworx Custom Supports http://www.ataricommunity.com/forums/showthread.php?s=d0d5a13aaa9db24b50ca5b62135a2137&threadid=477830 List of Roller Coaster Facts: Name:Round About Height:100 feet (Or higher if your add on a larger hill) Type:Steel looping coaster This week you will be judged on how you keep the circular pattern when it is finished. Here is the download to get started: http://rapidshare.de/files/8209892/Round_1.zip.html It has the screen shots inside the folder.
  12. Just last night I got RCT3 Wild! So far, I really like the robocoaster and the spinning steel coaster. That last sentence had nothing to do with the topic though. Okay, here is the real problem though. I saved a section of a strata coaster support under custom buildings (I used the Steelworx set) and I build the support section then I put one on top of it and so on, but I can go only three sections high. I always see people with screenshots of them making supports that are hundreds of feet high, how do I get them that high?
  13. Wow this part where the track ends looks so awesome! I found it on this one website but I forgot what the site was. [/img] Hopefully we do not shoot off here.
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