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What's the highest number of times you've ridden ONE coaster

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I couldn't stand more then five rides on my trip to Hard Rock Park last summer because I got so darn tired of sitting through the pre-show everytime. And when I tried to walk through they yelled at me even though I was the only person waiting...


So yeah last year if you knew people that run the ride you could stay on if there was no line. Also you did not have to watch the pre show. It coms from being so bored that summer.

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In speaking of most rides on a single day, a friend of mine and I sat on Adventure Express at KI for about two-three hours straight and got about 40-50 rides in... yeah, I know, not that extreme, but we made it worthwhile I guess, haha. Most uncrowded day at KI I can remember...

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Most consecutive times:


34 in a row ERT on Voyage (I was sore for two days after)


Other 30+ ERTs on TxGiant, Titan, Big Bad Wolf


89 times 7/10/89 on Viper at SFAW (the record at the time for that ride was 11. Most everyone in park management rode with me before the end of the day)


97 times on Boardwalk Bullet opening weekend. 713 times on it total so far.


50+ times on many, many days of riding the Texas Cyclone. I had an apartment across the street from the park and in those days, they couldn't dispatch the train with a single rider. It was a pain to find singles, so once the ride crew realized that I was going to ride repeatedly, they'd tell me to just wait at the exit and fill in the first empty seat I saw. Some days, I'd be on nearly every train out.

In the 29 years it ran, I rode it more than 10,000 times.

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SooperDooperLooper 35 times in a row--yes, I took a Swartzkopf loop 35 times--I'm nuts


Nah, your fine. I've done "marathon" sessions (20+ rerides) on many Arrow loopers (GASM, Viper at SFDL, Anaconda at KD, and Vortex at KI) along with a session of about 20 total rides (only 8 straight before a short, walk around break) on Son Of Beast (back when it opened) in a downpour.


I love classic arrow multiloopers, but I don't think I'll be doing many rerides on coasters like Son of Beast again... especially not in a downpour.

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I did a mini-marathon on Rampage this year and got 25 in a row. Managed to sit in each individual seat in the train (24 of them) in the 25 rides. Had the worst headache of all time at the end. It was 95, sunny, I hadn't eaten all day, and I was dehydrated, and three potholes on the layout don't bode well in those conditions.

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In one day: Tatsu (SFMM) on Media Day- 14 times


In a row: Amercian Eagle (SFGAM)- 12 times (probably ten years ago)


Over a coaster's lifespan: Whizzer (at least a hundred)/ Raging Bull (Over a hundred but over the course of less years).


Special Moment: The Beast at King's Island- I was THE ONLY one on the ride, for one ride only at the beginning of the day's operation. I had it All To Myself. Awesome!

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