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  1. Yeah, Worm wasn't being a jerk. What he said was correct. There have been people who say great things about this, so why can't someone disagree? Does everyone have to say it's awesome? If that were true, then it'd be tough for anyone to improve at anything.
  2. OK it really seems as if you took that way too personally, and I assume you were speaking in reference to the post you quoted, as it's only logical. Anyways not a big deal.
  3. Grow some skin, really don't think that post was malicious.
  4. I know when I rode Millennium Force, I wasn't always completely stapled, and came up off the seat. I was stapled though on Dragster. I've ridden El Toro 18 times, and I've had maybe an inch of space around half to 2/3 of the time. I don't think the stapling is nearly as bad as people complain about, it was certainly much worse the two times I rode Dragster in 2003. They were really thorough and pushed down very hard on that ride. That space really makes a difference in ride quality, because the airtime seems to be sustained longer since you more easily notice/feel the 0-Gish porti
  5. MF's drop does have airtime, even in the front row. If someone says otherwise, they're simply wrong. Airtime is defined as ~0-g's worth of normal force or less, so if you so much as float (which you do in the front on MF's drop) then there's airtime. Back row has medium ejector sustained for what seems like forever on MF. As far as the comparison between MF's drop and ET's, I'd have to say they're of a very similar quality, but more different than they may seem without having ridden. Speaking of the back row (best spot on both drops by far) MF's drop is a little more gradual, but susta
  6. Yeah you'd also get Legend and Raven at Holiday World, but don't forget that Great Adventure has Nitro, Kingda Ka, and Chiller, all of which are significantly different than pretty much anything on the west coast.
  7. Seems like you're judging the quality of the ride based mostly on the trains. I'm tall and I think PTCs are more constricting for me....either way, they're close enough in size (and ride quality is close enough) that I don't understand such a huge difference in ranking. You really sound pretty selfish in your opinions and biased in your rankings.
  8. From what I saw while waiting in line and riding El Toro this past Saturday, ET was running at around medium speed. During summer afternoons and nights, it's significantly faster than it was last weekend. I remember just being wowed while watching trains go over the hills during summer afternoons. You can clearly tell the speed difference also from the increased volume of the upstop sound over the first 2 hills, the fact that the drop after the turnaround has a longer duration and slightly louder upstop sound, the seemingly unrelentless speed and louder upstop sound at the hill over RT, and
  9. Robb, I hear you were at GAdv too Sunday? Is there truth in that claim? If so, I'm curious as to how you compare El Toro to some of the other standout wooden rides you've been on, like Balder, Voyage, Colossos, SROS SFNE, and EGF. EDIT-nevermind, just saw the other thread. I agree that SFA isn't nearly as bad as people say. It's one of my home parks, and I go there all the time. Especially before GAdv got Kingda Ka and El Toro, many times I'd rather go to SFA because the short lines made for more fun days than GAdv, and the rides were nearly as good. Now I definately prefer GAdv s
  10. Here's the gallery... http://s7.photobucket.com/albums/y272/DCs221/ I couldn't figure out how to move them into the right order within the gallery, so here are the pic links sorted by my age at completion. 12 13 15 15 16 16 17 17 17 18 18 18 (One I think you all should like ; ) 19 19 19 19 Please keep in mind the theme park drawing was done relatively quickly because of it's large size (posterboard) and time constraints. It was a project we had to do for AP US History. My partner did the rock walls, and I did the rest. This is a nearly finished version... I fin
  11. I would've backed coasterfan's argument had I read this earlier. I agree with your last sentence, yes he does have time to improve. With that said, my statement was also my opinion, based on what I've learned about art over the many years I've been drawing. I actually have pictures ranging from age 12 or so to the present 19 if you'd like to see. One of my most important points was if everyone says something's great and all that, then that person won't have anything to go on if they'd like to improve. IMO saying because of that drawing he might currently be, or should be a roller coaster
  12. Truthfully...coasterfan is right. It's not very good work. Lines are unclear, coloring is monotone and has way more texture than steel tracks/supports should, actual element shaping isn't too great (but better than many of the other features). The other guys are really building you up, as that's not nearly enough quality for a park to use. I checked out your other drawings, and they have unoriginal layouts, awkward and unrealistic perspectives, and, while it's not a big deal, names stolen from real rides. "Vild Snivet" is not something you should name your ride IMO since it's such an unus
  13. Or their weight may be nearly negligible since passenger loads vary significantly anyways.
  14. May want to start by correctly spelling the company name. That might help.
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