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  1. Great photos and captions man! Thanks a lot, and I had a really good time too. And the best part is that that was only the beginning of months full of thrills! See you around man.
  2. Wow man, awesome, that was really fast, we were there for 13 hours got back to campus at midnight, and today we both had classes and you already have this awesome post. That is great! The advantages of being a Freshman!!! Lots of free time! Great photos man, those angles are great!!! See you around!
  3. Hey Dan, great photos man! I really like the on-ride photos you took on Everest, they are neat and not shaky. Good job, keep it up. I am looking forward to see the rest of the update. Later amigo
  4. Hola all, Her are some recent pics of me, peace JP IOA
  5. Hola When I was leaving the AQUATICA, I found these TPR members ( Los Tres Caballeros ) , and yeah that park is fun, original, and made for crowds. All my other photos are on my Facebook, here is the link: http://fit.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2018737&l=b28a1&id=37402060 Adios amigos AQUATICA the construction of the new coaster Accidents happen the first day Los Tres Caballeros Cool My favorite slide The nice showers
  6. Hola man To bad you are leaving, I will definatelly miss almost every 2 weekend when we just talked in the pavilvion for like 2 hours, thanks for everything, and hope you can reach your dream sometime. See you around though A great Disney Cast Member
  7. lol, yeah I think thats it like 60° but I lost my sense of stability so I thought I was in a real thing, lol And I am not joking I call it a RIDe, but my managers get angry and tell me to call it an EXPERIENCE; lol Adios
  8. Hola, well my internship for this summer is working at NASA, not exactly at the Visitors Complex, but the "EXPERIENCE" not ride is really good, not like Mission Space but it is sweet, the Pre-Show is really good, and it is more of a real life experience than anything else. It has 4 simulators, each one carries 40 people, you go in the payload and the cool thing is that it goes 90° up and like 45° down, the end is the best part when they open the roof and you see and feel like if you were on space. The VIP opening ceremony was really cool, full of astronauts, I meet the Vice President of Boeing, and MaheinSteam Roller played and it was just sweet, You all should try it, but keep in mind that it is not a ride it is an EXPERIENCE, lol See you later
  9. Great picture and trip report, it seems you all had a great time, I miss Grand Californian alot, great hotel right?
  10. Congratulations Robb & Elissa ! Yuo will see hoe much fun it will be to have a kid
  11. Haha, thanks, and yes I did had a great winter break and my campus is really nice
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