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Efteling Discussion Thread

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Hey, thanks for the featuring.


While I agree with the beginning of your recreation (though it might lack a looping regarding the most recent news), I don't believe such a small dive would require a MCBR. We'll see.


Oh BTW, wasn't it supposed to have a dark-ride section?

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If it turns out like the concept (hopefully but I doubt) It will be one awesome ride...

Well like I said there is a very high change of it turning out like this, If you measured all the elements it seems very logical and feels very real, I mean if I need to go on the single camelback after the Immlemann (like many think) and measured it out on the construction drawing then the camelback needs to be as long as the lift, drop and tunnel to reach it. But the lay-out I made sounds looks very much like a Dive would look and whit Looopings.nl statement I have 80% reason enough to believe the loop will be there. I might expect if we should wonder if there isn't more to it then I showed, but I like to dream realistic for now.


@Jli7: May I ask where you came up with the idea of a splash? I mean the drawing shows no water close enough to that part of the track. Yeah I have to admit every Dive after Sheikra had one, but that doesn't mean this one going to have one. Besides there it would be in front of the entrance, and the Efteling designed the The flying Dutchman splash to keep people dry. But it caught my attention.

Edit: I actually did some in my head measurements, but shouldn't this lay-out never turn out to be longer than Krake as the park confirmed? I mean a exact copy should be in the min because every element is lowered to meet the hight, and by adding some more coaster elements on what should be the brake wouldn't necessarily mean we turn out to be longer. (I mean Krake would be as long as the No limit versions splash if we cut of the brakes and the station, adding those makes Krake even longer then the No Limit.)


I have to say I noticed this several times now, people have like a top view and like to dream really really big on the 3D version they literally disregard facts to make it flashy and the best Dive there is. I mean look at Krake's brake run (that coaster is like 476 meters) and this one is bigger so we might need to accept that this one carries the same fate, So logical brainwork needs to tel you the brake will begin on the straight part of track after the Helix. (Which also proves that my concept is more likely the actual ride, this one is lower and needs to get that length somewhere else and I doubt they get that form the Helix, because my understanding of bigger isn't a 25 meters longer at least 50) I think where all allowed to dream, but it seems people lost the line of dreams and reality somewhere. This is my personal opinion, but I thought we needed some reality check.

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Was yesterday in the park and I have a construction update for you guys:


So from the construction drawing found earlier we could see their now constructing a new path way on the other side of the temporally pathway they laid for the construction this will eventually be used as the temporally pathway will be in the way for the Helix:


Almost all the land has been laid for the new path and they even made a new island:


Close up of the new island:


Yet still a lot more needs to be laid:


The new path will be near the side line:


Some fill up needs to be here:


A strange hole in the middle.


Some of the temporally pathway has been removed:


Over to the constitution zone:


There is a lot of sand there:


Station work goes quite good looking at it, the edges where all there to be seen:


A lot of preparation work on the station:



And yes we have a footer, it's inside the station:


And a small one at the back:


Still so much to do:


The tunnel:



Starting to dig-out the tunnel:


They even worked on this Saturday till around 11 o clock:


Tops get cut off, notice the orange cutting line on the left:


From across the pond from the Piraña, Tunnel work:


Preparing for a concrete edge on top, also each pole has a concrete poured with them:


Almost all the poles are free:




Close up:


A lot of machinery on the site:



Some distance overview:





This crane stands so perfect I almost wonder if it's there to give away the highest point.


So constitution is going very well, Lots of things going on there and sure starts to get interesting. Going back in a month for a new look and a new update.

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Name of the new Dive Coaster announced: Baron 1898!


Also, finally some concept arts:




Station building


The trains will be similar to the ones at Heide-Park in Germany (6x3) and it will have two in/unload stations, something like Oblivion in Alton Towers.


Thanks to the construction update movies of the Efteling!:


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Pretty incredible, the way to make the smaller Dive Machines really resonate with visitors is a strong theme, and I only wish I could understand the video as they seem to be explaining the back story to the coaster. First thoughts were a little of Space Mountain in Paris when looking at the concept art, really like the aesthetic they're going for and can't wait to get confirmation of the full layout.

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The backstory,


It's a guy (the baron) who finds a piece of gold in an (old?) mine. Ghost appear in the mine and tell the dude not to take the gold, obviously he does take the gold. He then uses the gold to buy the entire piece of property on wich the mine is set. He starts a company to exploid the mine and look for more gold. Sadly he has enraged the ghosts by taking the gold, so all the mineworkers are plauged by ghosts and are to afraid to continue working for the baron.


I gues now its the vistors turn to go look for the gold.


The story will be told in the que line and preshow. So it's likely we can expect another awesome que the efteling has done with the flying dutch man.

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Official story (translated):




A greedy mining baron has found a gold vein in the south of the country. There he wants to extract as much gold as possible, but the fertile soil is protected by the White Wives*. The mining baron calls his miners and promises them mountains of gold. During the ride it becomes clear that the White Wives do everything in their power to sabotage the mining. Do you dare to take the dive?







And the artwork again for the new page:



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Those supports Best looking coaster supports ever?

Hope the real one has this awesome support. It remains a concept art and we all know they rarely look completely the same ( the fact that we have this Mine lift is for sure, but might look in some way different.), I hope the real version looks like this though it looks awesome.

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The theming looks great, hope it turns out like that. And are there floorless trains? seems like they are from what i can see.


I would expect every future B&M dive machine to be built with floorless trains. If they were to build one again with normal sit-down trains, I would be very surprised.


As for the concept art, I can only repeat what others have said before me. It looks absolutely fantastic, and it will be very exciting to see how it will look in real life!

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