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Efteling Discussion Thread

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For every tree they chopped they have to replant at least 1 new tree. The new trees does not have to be planted on site. In this case it was almost a field surrounded by trees. So now it becomes a plain field to get better access to the building site.


On Dutch Fora they discuss a lot about this new coasters because the Efteling don't share a lot of information about this coaster.


What we know is: a B&M Dive Coaster, Opening summer 2015, first drop will be 37,5 meters, the track is going to be longer and more coaster as Krake (HeidePark).


Speculation say it will have a Mining industry theme like old Dutch, Belgian and German coal mines. An other speculation tells that the lay-out is going to have elements never seen before on a Dive Coaster.

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They won't start building untill the 1st of September. I hope someone living close to the B&M factory could give us some update images of the plant, if we can spot any track already. It's quite a ride to go there from Holland.

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Be warned these are not the concept arts of the current coaster!, but one from the time before De Vliegende Hollander (, it is said it was one of the candidates, but it became DVH. (Concept arts by Lex Lemmens R&D and Michel den Dulk Designer; wich is now working at Disney) Location was supposed to be where now "Station de Oost" for the steam train is.






source: http://www.vijfzintuigen.nl/nieuws/5071/Stille-wens-voor-Dive-Coaster-in-Efteling-al-jaren-oud (dutch)

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Confirmed: The tunnel will be 10 meters deep.


If that's the case I get the following numbers;



Python: 29 meters

JeDD: 25 Meters

DiveCoaster (By dutch fans also known as "Hoogmoed".): 27.5 meters + 10 meters underground.



Python: 750 Meter

JeDD: 1620 Meter (2 tracks)

DiveCoaster: Unknown (I hope it at least as long as the Python, but that's a bit optimistic I think.)

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^ Could be me but didn't they just announce the tunnel not the actual depth?

I don't believe the Dive will be 800 Meters long, they did announce it would be longer than Krake but (according to RCDB) is 475 meters, I doubt they add 325 meters to it. I do however hope 600+ Meters track. Personal opinion here.


Anyway nice to see construction going on. I been last Sunday but yeah nothing special about it. I do think It's a nice big piece of land and I will enjoy seeing this coaster rise before my very own eyes.

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Got a small update for you guys made by myself yesterday:


So these are on several places around the construction site.


Station comes here.


And Tunnel comes here.


All kinds of diggers on site.


That's a good load of sand.


Some equipment.



Tunnel and station from an other angle.


That's a huge one.




These will hold the sand so they can make the tunnel.


So work is processing nicely.

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I made some Facts and Theories around the construction drawings.

I have just colored the pictures of RCTLand for some clarity:





This is known simply drawing 1, taken in 2 corners.

Well the purple line (you can see the queue) lies in the same place. As you can see in A is the purple line parallel to the station (black). So B is black parallel to the purple line. May slightly be to the left or right but it comes to the idea of the angle of the direction of the track.

Same counts at drawing A's Helix, the twist and outcome is not entirely true, but look at B you see he runs away anything from the path, hence the angle right here.

The gray (Pad) and green (Water Quay) lines are simply landmarks that you can see that I'm in the right direction.

The orange and dark red are supports footers and filled in, this helps in the 3D viewing on the helix.


Well Theory direction:

I have this picture of myself, the part of the layout drawn about because the angle is not quite correct for.


(Helix and cornering are wrong obviously, but I want to show that just fit on the area.)




Many believe the track will go from the Immlemann (which I drawn in Orange for direction and angle) straight to the Helix (featuring a cammelback and a looping) Obvious (as you can see the lines) this couldn't be true as the lift is around 2 stations (I used Krake for measuring), this would mean we go under the highest part not far beyond that. This could be the lay-out:

Station, lift, continue in the drop and tunnel, Immlemann, looping, slightly turn, Cammelback, and finish in the helix. But there may be more to it. Imagine if we go over the ground in a right turn (after the Immlemann) followed by the loop and make a Horse-Shoe turn around 2 cammelbacks into the helix. Just some wishful thinking here.


Source material: RCTland (picture drawings), Myself (photo construction) and Bing maps Satelite (Krake satellite photo).

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Here is my theory about the layout:


(Click for a larger version)


Blue dashed link two pieces of track, but isn't mean to be track itself. The images are not from the same point of view, so...


From what I understood, this ties your ideas RCT3bross.

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^ Till certain hights yes. I made with all the information known for sure and the rumors brought with Looopings.nl(known to be correct very often) , that it would feature 2 inversion 1 to be the traditional loop, this top view:


This keeps the 2 station length lift and 1 station lenght tunnel. Then we make the Immelmann, Looping, Slight turn to the left Cammelback into the Helix into the brake.

I have enough information to believe this could be the actual Lay-out. Not so bad if you ask me.

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