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  1. This is so mad. Some kiddo's who are exited about the first B&M in their backyard like to hear CoasterGod Robb's opinion about this beauty. That's all. The part I do not understand is why Robb you have to be so rude about it. What's the big deal? And why nobody read these so called overhyped questions, but you? You like to exaggerating things to make your point? Then, Marwin is exactly right when he tried to explain you very gentle about our ways and our culture. That you are too stubborn to look at things from another perspective is another thing. Please don't try to teach us who we are from your American chair. Thank you.
  2. They won't start building untill the 1st of September. I hope someone living close to the B&M factory could give us some update images of the plant, if we can spot any track already. It's quite a ride to go there from Holland.
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