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  1. And yes nothing is confirmed, but the only thing confirmed is that between now and 3 years another big attraction will be build. to reach the 5/7 million visitors a year. They are also now 4th in Europe behind Disneyland Park, Disney Studio`s and Europapark, they just overtook Tivoli Gardens. 1. Disneyland Park (8,4 million) 2. Europa-Park (5,6 million) 3. Walt Disney Studios Park (4,97 million) 4. De Efteling (4,764 million) 5. Tivoli Gardens (4,64 million) And on the 23th place worldwide.
  2. There is also news from coasterside; The Python will get its biggest maintenance (3 months) since her construction. Rumours are that there will be a (partly) retrack of this old lady. (1981). It is an old coaster but it started how the Efteling has become now: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Python_(Efteling).
  3. Happy Birthday Python (and Gondeletta) with your 35th birthday.
  4. They also started with "Het Loonsche Land " the second bungalow/vacationpark next to Bosrijk adding 90 houses and appartment buildings. Costs: another 30 million euro`s...
  5. Not sure about this one, but the Python in the Efteling has some Arrow/Vekoma DNA. Which would be my first Arrow.
  6. If you look closely, you will see the themed "cave" with little gold pieces. source: http://themepark.nl/ubb/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=2242929#Post2242929
  7. Music outside the attraction: (Drums etc at 2:00) and at 6:20 the wheels are synchronised with the train. (And stopping/reversing) And the music from the making off: Also for the funfacts: This is the Baron of Bassie and Adriaan, wich is the voice actor of the Baron in Baron 1898. (Dont know how to embed this one )
  8. If we all agree what the perfect coaster is, wont it be getting dull? Because the only coaster to be built would be the perfect one...
  9. I wish I haven't seen your post and googled what it is... Im am glad that it has the same name in my language . (No my first language is not English.)
  10. A video of the soundeffects on the lifthill. (Bell + Mechanical noises.)
  11. Some stills with details; including the dispatch "lever". And the Baron himself: (Wich is i think almost a hommage to the Baron of the Bassie and Adriaan series. Its voice is also from the same actor.)
  12. I keep reading Robb and Elsa all the time, and i didnt even see the movie
  13. I can only say: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bt9zSfinwFA
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