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Efteling Discussion Thread

P. 74: Park expansion approval and rethemed rides announced!

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I know it's a double post but this is unrelated to the previous post:

Efteling announces Danse Macabre for 2024. This is what the name will be of the attraction going on Spookslot's place, the name wasn't pulled from a hat as it was in the park for 44 years as the title of the song of Spookslot, the song will also be reused for the new attraction. 

While the park hasn't released much information of about the ride here is what they did:

There is a new 17000 m² themed area that includes the ride itself a place to get food and drinks (Restaurant or stall I don't know my guess will be on stall however) and shop.

While the ride itself hasn't been announced the hight of the building has been set on 20 meters.

 The ride will have the same theme as Spookslot.



Source: Efteling. For original article and video with the ride designer click on the ride name.

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So small rant warning ahead.

A little over a week ago the park has announced the closing date of Spookslot, September 4th, and this has reawaken the whole discussion of closing the ride.

At first I say I did enjoy hearing people asking for it to remain in the park, To see some genuine love for the ride and because we didn't know what the future held on that moment a bit of fear of what will come for it's place. The petition I really rolled my eye's on, like what did they expect kind of way.

Then what I thought went a bit to far but still whatever was that heritage groups where thinking about giving the ride monument status to prevent the building being demolished. Like it's not a real castle guys, I know the ride meant a lot to the parks history, but it's a 44 year old building that slowly becomes a hazard to even be inside of (it's far from it but it's getting there slowly). But this didn't seem serious.

This past week however we had 1 news article basically begging the park to reconsider and one of those heritage groups is actually trying for real to fast track the monument status on the building to prevent the destruction. Now I'm really like, come on guy's it's over just accept it. I think having a hard time accepting the news is one thing, but after six months still going so far to basically trying to turn a attraction into a monument is getting way, and I mean way too ridicules.

This also would have made more sense to me if the new ride was something completely different, but we're basically getting an upgrade of the old attraction, same theme and if rumors are true same principle just interactive and old elements will return in the new ride, and these rumors seem to be very legit. 

Again I'm sorry bit I just cannot wrap my brain about this. Like for sure I will miss the ride when it's gone but you can go too far if you ask me.

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