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  1. The scaffolding has been removed. Looking state-of-the-art already. Pics by Efteling and their designer, Jeroen Verheij:
  2. Really keen to see how Danse Macabre will turn out. The artwork looks stunning, and their final builds are usually quite close to concept art.
  3. Is it just me or does that hotel look like a bottleneck to the pedestrian flow? They are removing the option to walk straight from the entrance to Fata Morgana, so everyone has to walk underneath the hotel. That will be a sight to behold on busy days.
  4. I assume the far right on the picture is the excisting theatre, so it looks like the entrance will be wedged between the theatre and the new hotel. Which is fine (great actually) but if the hotel is too close, I hope it doesn’t take away from the impact of the entrance building.
  5. I hope the hotel is not too close to the main entrance. There is a certain wow-factor walking up to that main entrance from the parking spaces. Another big building would take away from that, if it's within view.
  6. I suspect it's just the same ride, with a new 'skin'. The budget for the whole area revamp is only € 2.8 million (USD 3.2 million), I assume that won't buy them a new ride mechanism. Also taking in their planning, apparently the whole revamp will be done within a few months.
  7. A couple of days ago, the Efteling presented a live broadcast of the new Aquanura show. Personally this was exactly what I needed in this challenging year. Enjoy: This is a temporary version of the show, inaugurated to celebrate the 25-year career of Dutch artist Guus Meeuwis.
  8. Thanks for the comparison shots, good to see them side-by-side. I went in November 2019 and -from memory- couldn't really tell a difference in the Asian section, but these pics make it clear. I'm glad the Efteling made these modifications, it was a huge cringe factor in an otherwise cute ride. Saying this as a Dutchman.
  9. Yes, go there! It is amazing any time of year. Unfortunately you will miss out on either winter or summer activities that time of year. It would be a full-on day with about 4 hours worth of commuting (door to door both ways) but hey, how often do you get the chance... The park closes at 6 PM that time of year, so you will be back in Amsterdam by 8PM.
  10. It has been confirmed that none other than Aardman Studios will produce the new 4D film Fabula. Coming late 2019.
  11. The Efteling updates PandaDroom: attraction finally gets new film and a different name (Google translated from Loopings.nl) The Efteling has plans for a large-scale renovation of PandaDroom. More than seventeen years after the opening, the attraction will finally be provided with a new 4D film. There will also be another name: Fabula. Various insiders report this to Looopings. The fairytale park does not want to confirm the news yet. A conscious choice was made for a name that could also be pronounced by international visitors. Fabula's slogan becomes 'Dream of the Animal Kingdom'. Just like the current film, the new film is again all about nature. The souvenir shop and the restaurant at the exit will also be renewed. SEE ALSO: Efteling replaces Bob with new double family roller coaster: Max & Moritz Demolished The exact closing date of PandaDroom is not yet known. More work will take place later this year near the attraction. The Bob, which is right next to PandaDroom, will be demolished from September to make way for the double family roller coaster Max & Moritz. Efteling is investing 15 million euros in this. People have been talking about renewing PandaDroom for years. In fact, a new film was planned for 2016. That ultimately did not go through. Last year it turned out that the contract with the World Wildlife Fund (WNF) would in any case be extended until the end of 2020. Issues Efteling fans have not had a good word for PandaDroom since it opened in 2002. Whereas other Efteling attractions have the purpose of immersing visitors in another world, viewers here are consciously confronted with problems in the real world. These are successively melting ice sheets, trawl nets on the seabed and logging in the jungle. The public is then encouraged to become a member of the WWF for a fee. In addition, the special effects and 3D technology have become quite outdated over the years. The call for the closure of the dated attraction has therefore become increasingly louder in recent years. Comment Efteling does not want to comment on the leaked plans at this time. "We will come later with more information about the future of PandaDroom", says a spokeswoman. 2019 seems to be the year of the new attractions. De Oude Tufferbaan and Carnaval Festival are currently closed for major renovations. Altogether, these costs amount to almost 5 million euros.
  12. That's a shame. I suspect they will approve the East-Side expansion in December. Everyone has a right to be concerned about their living environment and I don't want to attack on the person, but these particular individuals don't seem very well-informed. Moving into a house bordering the Efteling in 2007, and then complaining about noise from a ride that has remained largely unchanged since 1986. In her defence: luckily no-one lives next to Carnival Festival, that would warrant insanity!
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