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  1. A couple of days ago, the Efteling presented a live broadcast of the new Aquanura show. Personally this was exactly what I needed in this challenging year. Enjoy: This is a temporary version of the show, inaugurated to celebrate the 25-year career of Dutch artist Guus Meeuwis.
  2. Thanks for the comparison shots, good to see them side-by-side. I went in November 2019 and -from memory- couldn't really tell a difference in the Asian section, but these pics make it clear. I'm glad the Efteling made these modifications, it was a huge cringe factor in an otherwise cute ride. Saying this as a Dutchman.
  3. Yes, go there! It is amazing any time of year. Unfortunately you will miss out on either winter or summer activities that time of year. It would be a full-on day with about 4 hours worth of commuting (door to door both ways) but hey, how often do you get the chance... The park closes at 6 PM that time of year, so you will be back in Amsterdam by 8PM.
  4. It has been confirmed that none other than Aardman Studios will produce the new 4D film Fabula. Coming late 2019.
  5. The Efteling updates PandaDroom: attraction finally gets new film and a different name (Google translated from Loopings.nl) The Efteling has plans for a large-scale renovation of PandaDroom. More than seventeen years after the opening, the attraction will finally be provided with a new 4D film. There will also be another name: Fabula. Various insiders report this to Looopings. The fairytale park does not want to confirm the news yet. A conscious choice was made for a name that could also be pronounced by international visitors. Fabula's slogan becomes 'Dream of the Animal Kingdom'. Ju
  6. That's a shame. I suspect they will approve the East-Side expansion in December. Everyone has a right to be concerned about their living environment and I don't want to attack on the person, but these particular individuals don't seem very well-informed. Moving into a house bordering the Efteling in 2007, and then complaining about noise from a ride that has remained largely unchanged since 1986. In her defence: luckily no-one lives next to Carnival Festival, that would warrant insanity!
  7. Me too. I love Efteling but those stereotypes have stood out as a negative in reviews for years - that, and the many smokers. The Asian dolls remind me of WW II and anti-immigration propaganda from the fifties, it's that bad. They need to do this if they want to attract more international tourists. Same for Mr Cannibale (although that character represents a cannibal, is there such a thing as a non-stereotypical cannibal?)
  8. They have added some new effects and sounds to the Vogel Rok indoor coaster. A starry sky (laser dots), smoke, a star tunnel and some bird and snake noises.
  9. Michaellynn4, how was your second day at Efteling? Thanks for the report.
  10. Holy cow, those expansion plans look massive. I thought it was just going to be the strip next to the hotel. (I kind of get the objection from the neighbors now, but hope they settle down) Love the Babbel tree! I think Efteling could use a good drop tower. Kind of like Disney's Tower of Terror. Perhaps a big spooky windmill or something? They can also do with a nice pub or something, for the overnight guests. How awesome would it be to finish your day in a medievel, fantasy-style pub and grab a nice cold Efteling beer.
  11. Mystic Manor uses the wired system as well. I really dislike the voice of Pardoes. Apparently it is some radio DJ. So you spend 34 million to bring every detail to life, but fail to hire a decent voice actor. For such a major part. It's a shame because the voice of the lackey really nails it (same guy as in the Making Of video).
  12. Thanks for the review. It sounds great and I'm glad the ride includes some surprises. How would you rate it compared to, say, Mystic Manor?
  13. I hope their next ride will be a drop tower, something like Disney's Tower of Terror would be a perfect fit. They are also considering building a nightlife section next to the park, which is exactly what they need to attract more international visitors.
  14. I can recommend the pancake restaurant Polle's Keuken. Fantastic pancakes, not too expensive and great theming (Google for pics). It's in the centre of the park, next to symbolica. I think guests are allowed to stay after closing time if already seated, however not sure if you can book a table for after oark closing hours.
  15. https://www.instagram.com/p/BU1BAn7j5-k/ The roof is ready.
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