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Favorite Water Ride

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My top pics would be:


1. Splash Mountain at The Magic Kingdom

2. Valhalla at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

3. Popeye And Bluto's Blige Rat Barges at Islands of Adventure

4. Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls at Islands of Adventure

5. Timber Log Ride at Knott's Berry Farm

6. Journey To Atlantis at Sea World Orlando

7. The Congo River Rapids at Alton Towers

8. The Flume at Alton Towers

9. Escape From Pompeii at Busch Gardens Europe

10. Log Jammer at Six Flags Magic Mountain

11. Kali River Rapids at Disney's Animal Kingdom

12. Roman Rapids at Busch Gardens Europe

13. Grand Rapids at Boardwalk and Baseball (closed)

14. The Flume at Canobie Lake Park

15. Tanganyika Tidal Wave at Busch Gardens Africa

16. Jet Stream at Six Flags Magic Mountain

17. Storm Force at Drayton Manor

18. Loggers Leap at Thorpe Park

19. Congo River Rapids at Bush Gardens Africa

20. Journey To Atlantis at Sea World San Diego

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I would have to say either Grizzly Run @ Geauga Lake (I'm sorry, the only other one I've been on is Roaring Rapids, and GR blows it out of the water)... or my two closest flume rides, Jet Stream and LOG JAMMER.


Then again, I have a penchant for log rides, so... I guess if I went on more they would be my favorite too

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Dudley Do-Right still holds my number on spot, but holding close are Journey to Atlantis at Sea World (not only awesome water ride but cool coaster) and Jurassic Park at IOA.


I agree Journey to Atlantis is really cool, especially the ending

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My top 3 would have to be:


1. Splash Mountain at MK

2. Kali River Rapids

3. Escape From Pompeii



My least favorite would have to be Thunder Canyon at Dorney Park. Talk about rough! If it weren't for those seatbelts, I would have fallen out of the boat every time we bounced off of the sides. Just way too violent for my liking.

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Haunted River at Kings Dominion (RIP) Damn Paramounts!!!! The drop out of the seemingly too small tunnel at the end always had me ducking and the theming inside was good in a cheesy kinda way.


Dorney's log flume has to be my favorite operating, there is just something about it, not sure if it is the concrete trough or the really long(or so it seems) drop that pretty much soaks you good(for a flume) at the end.

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^Haunted River was in the same "mountain" as smurf mountain wasn't it?

Or, right next to it; before Paramount took over (when Kings Ent. still owned it I believe). That was a fun ride



It was in the bottom of the mountain, Smurf's were in the top, and there was a Rotor inside also.

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