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  1. Thanks for the replies everyone, really helpful. Have changed plans now and staying purely in SF, but might fly across to LA for a couple of days and do Disneyland and MM. Philrad71, yep, English and yep, I love the underground in London, when it works its great, when it doesn't, just walk lol, but I guess I can't really do that in LA!! Trevan Rex, really good idea staying near disney and cab to KBF, I like that thought - could treat myself to a disney hotel for the first time ever As for MM, yep, if there are bus tours then I won't mind that at all, would be easier for me. Final question - is it easy to get from LAX to Disney?
  2. Hello all, Never been before and hoping to book a holiday to LA then onto SF in September and would like to do Six Flags & Disneyland. Will be travelling on my own and don't drive - plan to stay downtown LA. Can anyone give me some good advice on how I can get to either of these parks easily using public transport - not too worried about Universal LA as I have done the Orlando one a few times over. Also, is it worth trying to get to Knotts Berry while I am in the vicinity - how hard would that be? Any help appreciated.
  3. Hi all, Not been to any events or trips yet, yowser, so thinking of coming along to this. I will be in central florida but wanted to check whether people are going to be staying over the night before and after as myself and my niece won't be driving while in florida. One option I thought was to get the busch gardens express on the fri, do the park fri and then sat, come back on the sunday and book a hotel nearby on the fri and sat night. What hotels would peeps recommend, walking distance to the park or are there any others travelling to this from central florida that would be happy to give a couple of newbies a ride? Oh and I have to say, thanks for the video uploads, they have been hilarious. Piers, you got it goin on Mr, I am not even going to try and compete with your drinking antics, I'd be making a right show of myself... seriously!
  4. Well I haven't been to pleasure beach for a while now - last went for the opening of Infusion (ouch ouch ouch) and I have to say that, 1) I hope that other parts of the park are upgraded to make it look as good as NickLand does - well done Blackpool for this, the park is going to be hammered in the summer. 2) As for the old space invader - is the Nick 4D cinema going in that space? Finally, 3) Wish they'd sort out Valhalla's constant breaking down, it's quite upsetting that one of the best rides in the UK is barely open.
  5. Oh my god, the gravitron - brings back memories of when it was at Alton Towers in the 80s, I loved that ride more than, well, the pirate ship, quite honestly...
  6. I wonder with the hype alton has put in whether they have over excelled themselves at marketing, however, I do a quick search online and see how many forums are talking about it, I realise it has worked an absolute dream. The idea is to make the ride a talkable point in all media outlets, whether it's viral marketing, tv spots, forums and youtube, they want people to go to the park as they generally spend money! That's it! As for whether the ride finally lives up to the hype - has anyone ridden this with the full SFX on yet? Is it running with the full SFX programme active? I know people have mentioned the cold in the helix and the drop, but there was also talk of pitch black in the inside section, fog effects and green lights, which would match with the pictures on the main website. All I can say, and remind people is, let's keep our fingers crossed that there;s finally a ride that actually works most of the time at the launch date - AT have had some really bad time with some of the other rides - how long is Air down for, even now!!!
  7. Why you ask, well let me tell you. Slightly long so apologise in advance. I boarded what I think is my favourite wet ride I have been on so far in my humble life, only to be greeted with a foul-mouthed irish mother with her two kids (girl about 5yrs, boy 8yrs approx) telling them to sit the **** down you mother******* little ********. I really kid you not - had my camera been waterproof I would have taped it to get her sent to social services. The ride continued with every splash making this woman scream (and I mean, scream!) jump up and shout "I'm fookin wet, I can't believe it". She obviously didn't look when she got on it that it was a wet ride. Now the worst part, as soon as any wave hit, or the boat rocked the little girl started to cry and was visibly really frightened. Mother's response, "stop being such a little B**** and shut the f*** up" To say my blood ran cold was an understatement. (and I work in social care and have sat on adoption and fostering panels a few times so consider myself a bit toughened round the edges after some of the stuff I have seen) And then the ride breaks down.... Oh, dear god, why oh why oh why. We then spend 15 looooooooooooong minutes on this damn raft, with FMM (Foul Mouthed Mother) swearing her way round every complaint she could think of. We were also stuck just before a bridge and people were queueing to see what the fuss was about just from her voice. I felt so sorry for this little girl and just wondered what the hell I could do to help, but reminded myself that this was her mother, so who was I to judge her life? When the rather happy looking attendant came to walk us off the ride, I almost dry humped his leg with appreciation. Sorry for the long post, but this nearly spoilt my favourite ride...
  8. Well yeti ball and lou have all had the cute label tagged on them, what about poor rob, is he not cute??? Or is this an old coversation i have missed out on Considering i am only about 40 mins drive from blackpool and an hour from alton towers, i think you guys get to it more than i do, hell, I've been to islands of adventure more than blackpool in the last two years !!! Hugs to all T
  9. its gotta by The Mummy at Universal studios on halloween itself !!!! That was one of the best theme park days i have ever been on - HHN 16 was fab
  10. will prob visit sometime in march - just joined the Bpb club so am going to ue my discounts !!!!
  11. I can't wait to ride it now - loved it at southport and reckon making it more tight and compact in there will be fantastic - espec if you have a really sunny day and the sky is reflected in the water underneath - which direction will your brain think you are facing? reminds me of one of the reasons why nemesis is so good - its tight, enclosed and slightly "oh my god we are going to hit the wall" goodness. hugs to all tony p.s. anyone know when it opens?
  12. would love to see more up to date pics of the construction of infusion - anyone from the 235 club get any more updated information on the recent breakfast club weekend meeting? Hugs to all. T
  13. It has to be Ripsaw Falls and Bluto and Popeye at IOA - the themeing is fun, especially on RF and the amount you get wet on popeye is perfect for those hot florida days !!!! Loved it - and I hate getting wet too ! Tony
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