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Best coaster ride when raining

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My best rides in the rain on a coaster would be on Megafobia. It flys in the rain. I would agree that Tonnere de Zeus is also excellent in the rain.


I rode Millenium Force 12 times straight in the pouring rain in late August, it kills, why - because there was no line.


I was also at Cedar point at this time and one of the rides on Millenium Force would have to go down as my most painful ride ever. at 90+mph those raindrops don't half sting. With no queue however it didn't stop me going round for another ride or two.


Ther best part of torrential rain was that the next day (wed 8/31) the park was deserted even if though the weather is good.


Wasn't it great. Millenium Force was walk on and Dragster had a five minute queue.

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I agree with whomever said none of them during anything more than a misting. I have ridden too many coasters in the rain (and some of them in close to freezing rain). The only beneift is shorter to non existent lines if the coaster is running. My best rides in light rain were at Knoebels with Phoenux and Twister.


Worst experiences besides freezing on the CI Cyclone and at Knoebels would be SFNE S:ROS and Borg Assimilator. With SFNE S:ROS I went on a Sunday and my eyeballs hurt me until Wednesday (no joke). With Brog Assimilator it started pouring as we pulled out of the station and lying on your back out of the station and up the lift as the rain poured down was not fun.


Flight of Fear is indoors but becomes a nightmare wait in the rain if lightning is a possibility because the transformers sit outside and are prone to lightning strikes.

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WM Goliath wrote

Wasn't it great. Millenium Force was walk on and Dragster had a five minute queue.


What a day that was, rode dragster ten times straight, slept in and didn't even use my early entry, didn't need to. Here is photos of the Dragster and Millennium queues that day:


Top Thrill Dragster line


Millennium Force Line

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magnum in the rain... OUCH!


the best ride i had in the rain ever was skyrider at PCW... togo standup. it started pouring as soon as we got into the station... DOWNPOUR.. it was great. i had my eyes closed the entire ride and it was very disorienting. The rain was warm and soft so it was a lot of fun. and the rain stopped as soon as we got off the ride!

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If you think 90 MPH in rain is painful, try 120 MPH in a downpour!


Got on TTD right as a downpour came in. After my ride, they closed it! It was at night too, so it was really cool. Better than any other in the rain or at night.


when you go on rides like TTD of S:TE, rain drops feel like rocks!


I had a similar experience on the Corkscrew at the PNE. We were loading and a shower was starting. They quickly dispatched out.

Ouch! Brrrrr! Even at 55 mph, the raindrops feel like hail pellets and it takes about 90 seconds to soak through and go from warm to freezing cold.

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I've ridden Goliath, Viper, Superman--The Escape, Riddler's Revenge, Batman--The Ride, and Ninja at SFMM in the rain, as well as the old Roaring '20s Corkscrew at Knott's.


Some hurt, some don't. I guess I'm surprised that those rides don't shut down.



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I've ridden many coasters in the rain, but these one's stood out amongst the rest:


Phantom's Revenge: Loved it while raining, and at 82mph the rain drops hurt a little, but felt great in a weird way.


Millennium Force: I thought it was awesome in the rain. Mainly because it was one of those dark overcast days, where the clouds were dark as charcol. It wasen't raining hard, but the wind was fierce and thats what made it twice as fun.


Raptor: Raptor, if even more possible, seem to be smoother than ever! The best part of riding it in the rain was the Heartline-Roll and the Cobra-Roll....it was great!


Katun: It started to pour, just as my train crested the lift hill. This was by far the best ride i've ever experienced in the rain til' this day. As I said before, the ride seemed smoother than ever...though it was raining, the sky look just as it did on september 11, 2001....beautiful and bright..super sunny...with rain though.

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Wishmaster - You can't really compare Robin Hood to Zeus as they are different types of wooden coasters by different companies.


Robin Hood is a more Out n Back Coaster


Of course Zeus will be faster as it is a more twisted compact layout and it is built by Custom Coasters Inc who also build Megaphobia in Wales UK.


I have been on Megaphobia and this is a great USA design coaster, lots of Airtime (standing up in the back seats down 1st drop), I have not been on it's brother Zeus but planning to visit it soon.

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Thundercoaster @ Tusenfryd: When its dry, its too slow and has mostly floater airtime. Its also quite rough. But when the track gets wet it becomes a completely different ride with the train flying over the hills. And this coaster doesnt have the smooth airtime that can be found on Balder a few hours away. Thundercoaster throws you into your lapbar so fast its almost painfull. I cant belive how big the difference is between wet and dry track...

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