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Alton Towers Discussion Thread

p. 235: Nemesis Reborn announced for Spring 2024!

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  • 1 month later...

Just an update on what's going on at Alton Towers.


The area Merrie England is being transformed into Mutiny Bay It will include two new rides Battle Galleons, a splash battle, and Heave Ho which will be a Rockin Tug. The teacup ride will also be rethemed to exploding barrels rather than cups, and called Marauders Mayhem.


The following images are from Alton Towers Almanac:


The pirate ship that will be situated in the battle galleons queueline.


Theming on the front of the ship.


The splash battle site so far.


The full set of construction pictures can be found here: http://gallery.towersalmanac.com/thumbnails.php?album=502


The artist's impression of Battle Galleons and Mutiny Bay that Alton Towers have released.


And off topic slightly, the new Alton Towers logo.

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Going by the construction photos(and knowing that it is Alton Towers), this looks like it will have some amazing theming. I like it when parks(mainly European parks) put so much effort into a family ride, and they turn a family ride into a major attraction. The rest of the area sounds really cool, and it will be interesting to see how it turns out.

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Alton Towers are attempting to get 1,200 pirates on park on opening day to co-incide with the opening of Mutiny Bay on Saturday, 15th March 2008.


It sounds like it should be a right laugh this!


It's nice to see Alton Towers getting into the swing with their marketing - check out the 8-page spread in The Sun on Wednesday!


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Maybe I'm old school, but I like the real records of human achievements. Tallest building, longest fingernails, most watermelons crammed in one's anus. Stuff like that.


I just find it to be an odd publicity stunt. Why not just say they want pirates there? No record. Did Goliath's opening have the most Davids and Goliaths in one place?


Ha. I'm really not as angry as I sound. I just think it's kind of lame.

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That reminds me, does Nemesis still have the record for most naked people to ride a coaster?


I think so, it was Nemesis Inferno at Thorpe Park. I did a search and could only find info relating to that record so I guess it hasn't been done since.


I also agree there are too many pointless records, such as THIS one.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but the wording of the record should be Most people DRESSED as pirates, because to be official, wouldn't they all have to be practicing swashbucklers?


^ In response to that, I think the next record broken should be most naked supermodels on a coaster, and if Guiness wants, I'll personally document the evidence.


-James Dillaman

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Why stupid?

It's a fun record to break, should be a really fun event. If it's fun and nobody gets hurt, there's nothing stupid about it.


I agree...


Besides...who would buy a book that is only made up of the worlds tallest/shortest/fattest/skinniest (not all the same person) man? People would get the same book year after year. *yawn*


^A girl in her right mind wouldnt dare ride a coaster w/out a bra

...good idea, thou.

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^ Yeah I went on Beast with an ex who didn't have one on, and she didn't ride anything the rest of the day. I wouldn't be opposed to most victoria secret models on a coaster, though. That would also boost Victoria Secret revenue, and they could have the park open for the public. I think that would be an awesome PR event.


-James Dillaman

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Couldn't see a topic for this so thought id open one.


Alton Towers new(ish) area opended to the public on Saturday, called Mutiny Bay its themed around Pirates. It is a re theme of the old Merrie England area of the park. Two new rides have been added whilst one has been re themed.


The first is a Splash Battle called "Battle Galleons". Riders board a pirate ship 8 at a time and negotiate a meandering course shooting at various targets which then proceed to set of various water features. There are also various water guns set along the queue line and at other points around the ride and this creates great interactivity between the spectators and riders. The ride is excellently themed and will be a good asset to the park. However, I feel that it is more of an end of day ride or summer ride, rather than riding it on a cold Saturday in March, but its excellent non the less.


Next up is "Marauders Mayhem", which is the re themed Tea cups of past seasons. Although the ride experience is nothing different to what it was during seasons gone by, the re theme looks excellent. Ride cars are themed around barrels of gunpowder, with barrels in the middle of the ride itself. Overall it looks very impressive and utilizes smoke and lighting effects very well. A much better version of the Tea Cups than the previous version.


Also to be added to the area is a Rocking Tug ride called "Heave Ho" However this hasn't been built yet and is expected to be opened on Thursday of this week. However it does look good having been themed around a pirate ship.


Overall, the area looks very impressive and has been themed excellently. Easily the best theming work done in the park for the last 7-8 years. This new area will be an asset to the park and if this is what Merlin Entertainments, the new owners of the park, can come up with on their first attempt, then i have high hopes for the future


Pictures here - Mutiny Bay

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