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  1. I get what you're saying, I always thought that the juxtaposition of rides in Potterland at USO was slightly off, with Gringotts and FJ, you have rides themed to every tiny detail, with every aspect, ride cars etc. included, becoming a part of the story, then next to that you have two giant B&M's, where the theming ends as you leave the station, and just becomes a standard inverted coaster. For an area with so much focus on total immersion, it seems odd to have rides which are just 'rides' as opposed to 'experiences' (obviously the fact DD was there already is a major factor here..) Di
  2. gax

    TPR Vlogs?

    Would you guys ever consider doing a 'vlog' style video from any of your trips on youtube? I love the coaster videos and the photo TRs, and I know there is some short, vlog style videos from time to time, but a full length video of what you guys get up to on the trips is something I would love to watch!
  3. Question on Kong (apologies if this has already been covered), but does anyone know what they are going to do about the Jurassic Park/Kong transition? Will they keep the Jurassic Park entrance where it is and have Kong as a part of JP, or will they make Kong into its own separate area with JP shifted further on? As good as I think Kong looks I really like the 'distinct' islands of original IOA, and now with Kong coming and the Lost Continent being shrunk massively with Harry Potter, I feel like its becoming more of a Universal Studios style random attractions dotted around individually rather
  4. Bad news for all Flamingoland Fans! The Rock Slide is no more! Always a Flamingoland favourite Now lies in tatters! However it has made way for a really nice new themed area behind Cliffhanger. All pictures from TPR park index or Flamingopics.co.uk
  5. All I can say is... wow This looks like one of the most immersive and well-executed theme park areas of all time! Unbelievable! Is the entrance to the Hogwarts Express themed to 'running through the wall' like in the books?
  6. Few more photos that I didn't add before if anybody's interested! They had to construct these temporary queue lines outside of Cbeebies land because of its popularity. Another look around the new area.. The famous Alton Towers frogs! Smiler's mess of track The station You get really close to the ride in the queue More photos from the top of the Towers It was pretty creepy inside! The Gardens Pirate show in Mutiny Bay More of Nemesis' awesome themeing! Sonic Spinball coaster Sonic is now
  7. I agree about Ripsaw, when I went the program was so dull! And even though it was a hot day the water didn't get anybody!
  8. So I had a day off today and thought I'd head over to Alton Towers as I probably won't have another chance to visit until after the summer. I really love this park! I've been coming since I was a kid, and even though its quality has dropped slightly in the last 10 years, it is still, for me, the number 1 park in the UK. With the introduction of the Smiler last year, the park now has 6 great coasters to boast, and even after nearly 20 years of visiting, I still have not got bored of the place! New for this year is 'CBeebies Land', a retheme of the old Storybook Land and Old MacDonald's Farm
  9. Only just caught up on this & skimmed the topic. Really upset about this news, RCT1 & 2 were huge parts of my childhood! I think despite what Atari said on facebook there's no way we're going to see any significant positive change when it comes to the full PC game. Yeah it might be a more 'complete' game, and have better gameplay and more extensive features than the mobile version, but I think it's safe to assume from looking at those screenshots that we will be disappointed. Why would Atari spend time creating a look and feel in terms of graphics and animation for the mobile versi
  10. Because this is a Roller Coaster enthusiast forum.. Really annoys me when people try to put others down on here for discussing things like this! This is a coaster forum, its the whole point!, if people can't discuss silly details like this here then where the hell can they!? Ps. wood or steel this looks insane!
  11. I'd love to see some of these built, never gotten to ride a 4d coaster but the 'jerkyness' would put me off I think. This looks like a great solution to the problem! I've always liked how 'enthusiastic' S&S seem as a company, the prototype looks awesome! One question though... credit?
  12. Flamingoland 45 mins Lightwater Valley 1 hour Alton Towers 2 hours
  13. Cheers Robb, I look forward to it!
  14. Now don't get me wrong, this isn't in any way a criticism or a demand, I know you guys work your ass off filling this site with content! just a genuine curious question.. I was just wondering if recent trips (such as the 2012 China trip) will be 'written up' as photo TRs on the site? I love reading through the reports of your trips and I'd be really interested to see the reports things like Ocean Park and HK Disney. (If these already exist and Im just being a moron please tell me, I did have a look first but maybe I missed something!)
  15. That is one of a few images which were reportedly some of the original concepts for Oblivion at Alton Towers. They have been floating around on the internet since at least 2006. Couple more here from the same set of pictures: Hopefully Gardaland will get something a bit more inventive!
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