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Alton Towers Discussion Thread

p. 235: Nemesis Reborn announced for Spring 2024!

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As above, head to Forbiddn Valley first and do Nemesis and Air, they seem to have the biggest queues in the park, plus they open at 9:00am for Annual Pass holders, so are open when the gates open to other guests at 9:30am. The rest of the rides won't open until 10am. Rita also gets a pretty big queue quite quickly, so make sure to do that next. After that, do what you want when you want. Spinball Whizzer always seems to have a long queue, but the single rider line is a big help with that.


What you should do:

1. Enter parking lot toll gate road

2. Pay parking attendant

You pay for parking on the way out, not on the way in. You need to buy a parking token either before or after you get on the monorail to the car park.


you should try to get to Willy Wonka's first. The line gets long and the park has a policy of not letting adults ride without cildren, but they are lenient with the rule at opening.

We've never had a problem getting on Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, and we definately don't have kids! Actually, we've never had to queue for more than 30 minutes.

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Head for the X Sector and do Oblivion. The queue never reached more than 10mins for this, so it should be clear.


When do you go to the park? It's always been over 30 minutes for me...


But as said, go straight to Forbidden Valley, do Nemmie and Air as quickly as possible, good thing to know that all the major coasters at Alton have single rider queues, so if you don't mind not riding together, these are a must in case it's busy...


After the Valley, take the Skyway over to Charlie, Hex, Rita and Corkscrew. You should do Hex last out of these 4, as due to the large capicity, it rarely gets a large queue, and it's often empty anyway at that time of day...

Also, I've never had trouble with getting onto Charlie, that's an extremely daft rule, but it probably counts more towards large teenage groups...


Then meander over to X-Sector and do Oblivion, which if busy, just run up the single rider q. I did this last time, and there was no-one in it, just mention to the person at the top (as it's also the express lane) you want to ride single rider and they'll let you in.


Now with Spinball, you rarely have a little queue with it, mainly as it's closest to the entrance, so unless you fancy an hour queue for sommat like this, you are DEFINATELY better with te single rider, but even then, that'll take over 10 minutes at least, which is a shame...


Then have lunch wherever you want, there's a great mixture, but stay around Spinball, preferably so you don't have to walk far and back to the next part, the Towers Family Restaurant was nice when I went into it, good sit-down and choice...


After lunch, you can do the Merrie England/Katanga/Gloomy Wood trek, these rides aren't extreme and should not cause hassle to lunch, unless you do the Teacups of course, so do the Flume, Rapids, Train and Duel, and from here, that's all the rides...


Of course should you have kids, you'll have to do Cred Street which is where Charlie is, and Storybook/Farmyard, which are near Spinball...


Hope that helps...

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There won't be 3 hour queue's, Alton Towers has not seen lines that long for ages. So don't worry about that.


If you are arriving at 9:30am, head straight to Ug Land and wait for Rita - Queen of Speed to open. This way, you can get a front row ride on Rita, without the longer wait. Rita's line often gets longer than both Air and Nemesis during the day, so i'd say this would be a good move. You may aswell have a go on Corkscrew after this, just for old times sake.


After that, the park really is your oyster - hit Hex and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, before perhaps going over to Forbidden Valley to ride Air, Nemesis and Ripsaw. Make your way down through Gloomy Wood for a ride on Duel, before Katanga Canyon and the Runaway Mine Train/Rapids ride. If it isn't too wet, have a ride on the Flume and then make your way over to Spinball Whizzer. If it is raining, and Spinball is only loading 3 in a car, use the Single Rider entrance which will reduce your wait.


After Spinball, go for Oblivion and if you must, Enterprise and Submission.


For lunch I recommend Rita's Chicken and Ribs, the Mexican Cantina or Fresh Fish & Chips.


Doing the park this way should mean you have as queue free a day as possible. Many say do Air and Nemesis first, but the fact is the queue's for these two aren't usually as long as Rita. But, if the wait isn't too long - Rita front row and Nemesis front row are two of the best experiences the park has to offer.

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My trips to the towers:

Quite Regular as I am 45 minutes/1 hour away!

Get into park:

Go straight to Rita



Then do Hex

Enterprise/Submission (first as you wont have to walk back up the hill if you do them before oblivion)



Beastie (if you want the credit)










Fit lunch imbetween all that!

Then usually I have time to either do Rita/Nemesis/Air/Oblivion one or two more times at the end of the day!


Something I find easier, If you don't have children!

Get lunch on the go!

Quick baguette from Corner Coffee, or something quick from pizza slut, Kfc, or Mcd's!

Easiest as you can que and eat!

If not don't worry bout it! Aslong as its not in the next 3/4 weeks it will be fine!

As it is school trip season!

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There won't be 3 hour queue's, Alton Towers has not seen lines that long for ages. So don't worry about that.


Bull. Last year (while everyone was in school) the queue still hit 3 Hours and actually overflowed onto the plaza. It easily reaches 3 hours.

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There won't be 3 hour queue's, Alton Towers has not seen lines that long for ages. So don't worry about that.


Bull. Last year (while everyone was in school) the queue still hit 3 Hours and actually overflowed onto the plaza. It easily reaches 3 hours.


I don't wish to argue, but there are only one or two days in each season when a line reaches that length. At Electric Towers, the parks busiest days of the year, the longest queue was just over 2 1/2 hours for Rita. You may get a 2-2 1/2 hour queue in mid-July when the schools are visiting - but if it's off peak and it isn't school visit season you will never, categorically, see a 3 hour queue flowing out of the queue capacity! Typical queue lengths are around 30 minutes off peak.

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Don't I know you from somewhere Dan


In seriousness, Alton will never get a 3 hour queue in Off Peak season. As Dan said, only maybe in school trip season and end of season events. Worst i've seen it is 2 and a half hour queue for Air on a weekend July which was lovely weather and noone could actually understand why it was so busy, was very quiet the next day though.


In my opinion, the best place to start in Forbidden Valley as rides are supposed to open at 10am but due to ERT in Forbidden Valley, Air and Nemesis will be open when you get there! So do Air, then the greatest coaster i've ever ridden, Nemesis a few times, Ripsaw for a soaking and maybe Blade if you're that bored.


I would then walk down to Gloomy Wood for Duel, it is very enjoyable, I love the ride! Afterwards head towards Katanga Canyon for Runaway Mine Train which is a great family coaster, then Rapids as it will still be a short queue as it should only be around 11am. Then if you fancy getting wetter I recommend the Flume, DO NOT sit at the front lol. Why not go for a quick spin on the Tea Cups before getting lunch at the Tavern or Mexican Cantina?


Afterwards, head towards Spinball Whizzer as the queue may be shorter due to people being at lunch. It usually has a long queue due to it's low capacity. Afterwards go for X Sector to do Oblivion and maybe Enterprise or Submission. Head towards UG Land but on your way go for a ride on Hex, it's theming is brilliant!


Next up I recommend doing Rita, Corkscrew and maybe UG Swingers. Then go for a ride on Charlie but only if the queue is no more than 20 mins otherwise don't bother. You should have more time left to catch the SkyRide back over to the Valley for some more Nemesis!


Hope you have a good time!



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Just buy a fast pass from the people near spinball or guest services for £5. It gets you to the front of the queue on nemesis, air, oblivion and the flume! Plus you can buy it on the day of your visit. Then enjoy the trip without worrying if you will fit it all in.


Worked for me

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Alton Towers intend to re-invigorate the Merrie England area of the park for the 2008 season. After a fairly "challenging" 2007 season with the appalling weather reducing gate figures along with the really mediocre new additions (Haunted Hollow and Dung Heap) the park will clearly be hoping for better stuff next season.


As part of the parks current trend to lure more families into the resort, it is hoped to transform Merrie England into a newly themed Pirate adventure zone. The Tea Cup ride will be re-themed and a new kiddie round-ride introduced. The rumoured star attraction will be a new large scale Splash Battle which will be well themed. All of this is subject to planning approval in the coming weeks. There will also be entertainment, shopping and food outlets.




PS: Just to tag on, in case you didn't know the parks halloween microsite is now up at www.altontowers.com/halloween - enjoy!

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That doesn't sound like the woodie some lawyer dude said ground had already been broken on! Sounds like fun though, great idea trying to keep families around, instead of nothing but teens and thrillseekers.


Though with their blaming the weather for a bad year and then shooting for families, thems sounding much like Six Flags here!

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Just heard that the Sky ride station in Forbidden Valley has been on fire. Alton was open because as they are running Scarefest where most ride are open until 9:00 pm.

Luckily during Scarefest the Sky ride closes at 4ish due to low lighting level.

The fire has spread to the surrounding trees at the top of the Valley by the Station. As soon as I get some more news I'll post it

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It started at 7:30 in the main Station where the motors are that run the cables for the whole of the Sky ride. There is also toilets under the station and I think there is also a electric substation there as well.

As the ride was closed I don't think it would be the Motors over heating and as the area was open to the public don't think someone could start a fire in the toilet with out someone else noticing.

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Alton Towers have now confirmed to the public that "Battle Galleons" will be the new attraction debuting in the park from March 2008.


Amid a lot of speculation as to what will be featured in Alton Towers "Project Penzance" for 2008, Alton Towers have now given the first sign to the general public of what is on the way.


"Project Penzance" was first unveiled within the staff newsletter "The Source", revealing the plans to transform the Merrie England section of the park into a Pirate themed area. Rumours instantly started to spread about what type of attractions would be included and it is known that the Tea Cups will receive a new theme and that the area will feature two new rides.


The favourite for being most likely to appear was a Splash Battle ride, which features numerous 4 person carriages travelling along a track raised above water level, armed with water cannons. The aim of this type of ride is to soak other riders and also hit various targets to stop yourselves getting soaked. A perfect example of this type of ride can be found below, a picture from Legoland California:




Alton Towers recently submitted a planning application for a "new boat ride", as reported here, which was followed shortly by the closure of the Splash Kart Challenge on 11th October. Since then work has been carried out to drain the boating lake and demolish all of the existing structures in preparation of the planning application being given approval.


In a sign that more or less confirms that planning permission has been given, and also that the new attraction is in fact a Splash Battle, Alton Towers have added banners to the construction fences announcing that, "Battle Galleons" will be opening March 2008. A picture of the new banner is shown below:


Keep checking back for the latest news on Battle Galleons and any other news from Project Penzance and the rest of the Alton Towers Resort.


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^ New logo! It better be good, I love the current one.


As for 'Battle galleons', after riding Splash battle at Flamingoland I have to say that they're nothing special. The spectators Guns are protected so you can't get them yet they can get you and even if you hit try the targets you get wet anyway, taking away the point of putting them there in the first place. So basically your left with a ride that goes at 3mph while people shoot water guns at you. Playing with supersoakers at home's more fun IMO, at least you can retaliate.

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