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Gröna Lund Discussion Thread

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It looks great! :airtime:

And I love that they've got the station resembling a subway station.

They should sell fridge magnets like that GL subway sign.


Have a great opening, MattiasB! 🎢

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I really miss Grona Lund. One of my absolute fave parks on my two TPR Scandinavian Tours. ('09 & '14).

The new coaster only makes me more anxious about ever getting back there again, <sighs>.

Other than that "boo hoo", I hope the opening for it goes well, all things considered, going on at this time in the world.  🎢


One of GL's great staff, and myself. In the rain on our arrival evening visit. (6-23-2014)

We also went to the park the next day, before boarding an overnight cruise to Helsinki, Finland!

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Since MONSTER is up and running (and running and running and running...) I thought I'd post this past construction poster that I've had on file.

It certainly works for me, as I've always loved European artwork when it comes to advertising coasters and parks and events. This is no exception.



Not quite sure is this was for actual Tivoli itself, or Grona Lund. No matter .....

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Does anyone know where the maintenance and admin buildings are in the park?  I've been wondering for a while, because they do a really good job at hiding them.  I know that the expansion is gonna have all the maintenance underground, but I couldn't find any info or pictures of the existing park.

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^ All in all ..... I think I still love the whole "Underground" load/unload station the best.

Especially when you slow down before re-entering it. Very cool. And the ride's awesome, too!

Edited by Nrthwnd
'underground' needed to be "Underground." (o:
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Grona Lund has just announced a major new expansion, anticipated to open in 2024!



The press release is only available in Swedish, but here are the highlights:

  • New amusement area with 25 percent of land and roof surfaces designed with trees and vegetation and a park-like character
  • Potential new attraction with an overall height of 45 meters
  • "Classic amusement romance" with new attractions at ground level
  • Public bridge / beach promenade
  • Architecture borrowing from historic buildings around the area

This post will be updated if and when an English press release is published.

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I mean it's just an artists rendering for an expansion that's several years away, but that sure looks like one of the newer Vekoma's, like Lech Coaster. If that's the case man that's a heck of an addition to a park that's universally loved by just about everyone. Great to see this place continue to grow, this looks fantastic. 

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Unfortunately the zoning plan was torn up by the environmental court just a week ago. Stockholm City Council had approved it in April last year but it was appealed. 

Gröna Lund will appeal it to the highest environmental court and seem pretty confident though. 

It's Wildfire all over again.. 

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