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  1. Here is a press release from the court In short the court found no grounds for rejecting the zoning plan due to noise pollution, faults in the environmental consequence report, beach protection etc. Which all are the usual suspects. Instead it has been rejected because Djurgården, the island on which Gröna Lund is situated, has a special legal protection as a "National city park". The court states that the new area together with Gröna Lund of today would be to dominating in the cultural historical and park areas around Gröna Lund. Again, I'm not sure that the higher court will come to the same conclusion as this specific law isn't tested that often, and the area used to be an amusement park before becoming a parking lot. City of Stockholm has all documents regarding the zoning plan available for download on their homepage
  2. Unfortunately the zoning plan was torn up by the environmental court just a week ago. Stockholm City Council had approved it in April last year but it was appealed. Gröna Lund will appeal it to the highest environmental court and seem pretty confident though. It's Wildfire all over again..
  3. Updated laws effective from April 11th move the Swedish parks from public gatherings to their own category, this means that the parks will open! Liseberg is aiming to be ready for opening on May 1st. To get in the right mood IMAscore and Liseberg have released the score for the "Myter & Legender"-area of the park on several services, such as Spotify, Tidal, iTunes and Apple Music. Link to where you can find the score
  4. I guess this confirms that the trains will have standard OTSR and not vests. The trains will be 7 cars long.
  5. Liseberg just released more info including pictures, on their new waterpark. Let me introduce you to OCEANA And finally, here's an overview of the whole new "Jubileum area" when finished. https://www.mynewsdesk.com/se/liseberg/pressreleases/construction-starts-on-lisebergs-indoor-water-park-oceana-3050645 After years of planning, the construction can now start on Liseberg’s year-round, indoor water park. The water park – that will be named Oceana – is the second part of Liseberg’s expansion project, marking the parks centennial in 2023. With unique themes and 14 water attractions, the experience will be unlike anything else on the north European market. Last year construction started on the first part of Liseberg’s expansion project, the park-integrated Liseberg Grand Curiosa Hotel. Now construction of the second part will begin – the indoor water park Oceana. The building of the hotel and water park is an important step on Liseberg’s journey towards becoming a year-round destination. The water park will, like the hotel, have a unique theme, inspired by Gothenburg's history and the Swedish East India Company, combined with Liseberg's own unique DNA. With a gross area of 13 600 m² indoors, and 4 000 m² outdoors, guests will be able to enjoy everything from toddler pools to thrilling water rides. The park has been designed by one of Sweden’s leading architects, Wingårdhs, and the water attractions will be designed and manufactured by WhiteWater. "In addition to a highly themed environment, the park offers a lot of new features – and not just for the Swedish market. These includes the first six-person raft rides in Europe, and the highest mega-drop Master Blaster in the World." – says Thomas Sjöstrand, CPO of Liseberg's Expansion Project. The construction of Oceana will take approximately three years and represents an investment of 110 million Euros. With a capacity up to 1750 guests simultaneously, Oceana will be one of the largest water parks in northern Europe.
  6. Thanks for the pictures, great to see the hotel going up!
  7. I went past Gröna Lund today to see if there was something to see, and a managed to catch a few pics of the construction of the "Monster-area". First up a peek through the gate of the "Tyrolen entrance". You can see part of the brake run that was installed last winter already. Another one through the same gate, only "Tyrol" visible on the left remains of the old buildings. Last but not least i took a pic from the ferry while leaving. Here we can see the new beer tavern, also visible in the first pic, replacing the old Biergarten in the same spot. Also visible is parts for the massive support that will carry the weight of Monsters first drop.
  8. Liseberg is suing design consultant Cowi for a total amount of 68 million SEK (7.85 million dollars) for poor design and calculations of Valkyrias tunnel, causing the delayed opening. Lawyers from both Liseberg and Cowi have been involved since 2018, but since the two parties still can't come to an agreement Liseberg is now taking their claim to court. Article in Swedish: https://www.expressen.se/gt/liseberg-gar-till-domstol-kraver-68-miljoner-kronor/
  9. As is the case with Liseberg, Gröna Lund will stay closed for the whole season. Construction of the new B&M is going forward though, as well as the new area where it will stand. An article was published just a few days ago and both the name and the theme was revealed. The names is "Monster" and is themed around a monster that lives in an abandoned subway station. https://www.iaapa.org/grona-lunds-monster-sized-challenge
  10. The new zoning plan have gone out on public consultation now. Gröna Lund has released quite a lot of information here: https://www.gronalund.com/sv/Planera-ditt-besok/2024/ It's all in Swedish but in short points they state: - They hope to start construction in 2024 - The new area will consist of at least 25% greenery and vegetation. - No rides have been decided upon, the renders are just for illustrating the height limits. - Speaking of height limits, the general height limit of the new area will be 12m, however one spike at 18m, three at 30m, one at 35m and one at 45m will be allowed.
  11. The new trains are exactly like the old ones, including seats and the ratchet lap bar mechanism. The new trains are manufactured by Zierer, the same as the old ones. Source: I went to Liseberg a few weeks ago.
  12. Thanks for the pictures! Lisebergbanans station looks fabulous and I really like that the new trains look pretty much exactly like the old ones, though I haven't seen the lead car of course.
  13. The weather has been really nice in Stockholm this weekend, so I took a small trip by Gröna Lund to see how far they've come on the construction. Pretty far actually! Behind the fence there's a big hole, the station for the new coaster will be underground. This is where the bumper cars were last season The crane fits right into towerland!
  14. Liseberg is a limited company owned by the municipality of Gothenburg (yes, there are politicians on the board), and thus they do public procurements. The dark ride coming in 2020 got "leaked" in the same way. I say "leaked" because the information is pretty open to anyone.
  15. Liseberg is planning a new dark ride for the 2020 season, there's a public procurement going on for the actual building as can be seen on this link. Constructors will have to submit their bids latest this Friday (September 14th).
  16. A capacity nightmare, but looks really fun, I'll be sure to check it out next year! Moving the bumper cars to Furuvik also makes sense, a great addition for the target group. As to where Snake will be moved i 2020, my bet is Skara, but time will tell.
  17. Gröna Lund is teasing a new addition for next year on Facebook. [fbvideonew] [/fbvideonew] They will release what it is tomorrow, and ask what people wish for "speed, height or spin?" Through a newsletter they also confirmed that the bumper cars will close September 3rd. That's for the reconstruction of that part of the park and the B&M invert for 2021.
  18. According to GT, a local tabloid, the press day for Valkyria will be on Tuesday. The ride is complete, but hasn't been written over to Liseberg yet, they cannot open it before then. Liseberg say they don't know exactly which day they will open it to the public, but they expect it to be during next week. On Monday they say they'll have an opening date. https://www.expressen.se/gt/lisebergs-besked-da-har-valkyria-premiar/ So it could potentially open earlier than Friday it seems?
  19. Although Liseberg hasn't said anything (officially at least), rcdb now lists Valkyria opening on August 10th.
  20. It is possible to get the whole journey on one ticket through http://www.sj.se the stop at Kolmården zoo is called "Kolmårdens Djurpark". It should also be noted that due to reconstruction of the railway tracks and bridges just south of Stockholm Central Station no mainline trains will depart from there until August 19th. Connecting commuter trains will run though, so if you book from Stockholm Central you will get a ticket for that as well. There should be plenty of staff to ask as well.
  21. The B&M invert is now listed for a 2021 opening (was 2020), source: Gröna Lund. No reason for the delay is given.
  22. First piece of track was installed just a moment ago. Photo from Liseberg.
  23. Reading through this discussions about lockers has made me scratch my head. Is there a reason to why they don't have shelves with sliding doors (so that your belongings are "locked away" when you're on the ride) on the platform?
  24. And the arrival of coaster parts! I must say, I absolutely love the colour scheme chosen.
  25. Liseberg CEO Andreas Andersen is the first vice chairman of IAAPA this year(November 2017-November 2018). During this year he will blog in English at reflections.liseberg.se. He's already been bloging in Swedish for about 5½ years now at Lisebergblogg, where he gives his own reflections on the park, and the industry, generally an interesting read. Liseberg also posted this video about it. [fbvideonew] [/fbvideonew]
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