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  1. Have your ever want to turn an amusement park in to a night club? That is exactly what Gröna Lund did in their new event Night Rider.
  2. With less then a week until opening... here is some footage from the final testing of Monsters two trains.
  3. There is nothing more beautiful than a sunset ride at Gröna Lund!
  4. Some more footage of Monster to look at while we count down they days until opening.
  5. Love the combination of Slade, neon lights, monsters, the cameo and an amazing rollercoaster!
  6. Lots of footage of Monster testing including two complete circuits at the end of the video for those who are interested in pacing and transitions between the elements.
  7. At look at the complete track and all the elements of Monster https://youtu.be/gx9_VmKziX4
  8. Some footage from when the last piece of track was put in place
  9. Two more inversion are completed and the construction is soon finished.
  10. The construction crew is fighting the Swedish winter in order to complete Monster.
  11. Can’t get enough of the giant supports that hold up the track of Monster? Then this is the film for you.
  12. Here are two more construction updates – one about the drop and one about the construction of the first elements.
  13. The construction of the new B&M Invert Monster is quickly going forward. I did a short construction update video if anyone is interested in seeing more.
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