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Holiday World (HW) Discussion Thread

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^ Loop? Who said anything about loops?!

Take note that Paula BOLDED the word loop in that post. Clearly this is a hint. What else could it mean? I believe now is the time that we should start an amazing rumor. Where do you all think the loop should be installed on The Voyage?


--Robb "I'm gonna get in so much trouble now..." Alvey


Maybe that was Gravity Group's plan all along. "We can't get these trains to work normally...so let us throw a loop on the ride to make it work!"

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No, they make them good now. /ducks

Forget throwing a guitar off the ride, judging by the musical style, it seems he got to ride Voyage in 2003!

New Raven video!  

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^I'll second that. And I wish GG and HW well in their quest to get the Timberliners up and running on Voyage.

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^ Themed to a flashlight....or lantern for Paul Revere's ride...you know, since you guys like to theme your areas.


Our imagination is running wild.

HW should just let us choose their next addition and its themeing. Scary thought however.....

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...I sure hope our many years of transparency on this forum has earned us the a certain level of trust.


SERIOUSLY. I've followed Paula on this site and another competing forum for over 10 years. She has always been up front, honest and informative. This is just ONE of the small things that Holiday World does to set themselves apart from other parks!!!! I, for one, applaud Paula for her participation AND Holiday World for their fearlessness in sharing information. xoxo Paula


I visited HW in 2006 when Voyage was sparkling new and it blew me away!!!! It is, in my opinion, the best rollercoaster (wood or steel) ever imagined (circa 2006). It upsets me to hear how it has torn itself apart over a few short years. I will be returning this year and will get to see just how much it has (or hasn't) degraded since my initial rides. Hopefully, HW will be able to solidify a solution that will bring this amazing ride back to peak form and hod up for many years to come. Whatever happens.....It DOES NOT nee an inversion.



What Holiday World DOES need...... EASTER!

And what does Easter Land need??? A coaster with 2 or 3 loops that have pastel Easter Eggs inset in them, and lots of little bunny hills (ala Phoenix at Knoebels). And.... It could be called Bunny Hop.



-Mr. Bebe


Easter Land Coaster Concept

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Nope, no new coasters for Holiday World.


Lately it's been water park expansion after water park expansion.


Next year will be a water coaster even longer than Mammoth named Humpback or something. (can't think of any land mammals bigger than a mammoth.)


It is time though for Holiday World to get a nice steel coaster.


I think a nice B&M about the size of Hydra would work nicely at Holiday World.

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