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  1. Trains wouldn't make any difference in the ride experience... if anything, better trains would make the experience worse by further highlighting the imperfections in the track and the fact that Ron Toomer could only design rides with straight lines and constant radius curves. Something I don't think most people want to feel anymore than they already do.
  2. You'll be fine. Yep. They are not. You will need to process your season pass at the season pass processing center that's to the left of the main gate. (Someone please correct me if this has changed for 2018 ) Have fun!
  3. Was there all weekend and didn't experience that once. All merge points had employees controlling the flow.
  4. Great video! It's impressive to see how many changes they've implemented on the final brake run. It really is a night and day difference.
  5. The row on Digger with the restraint issues has been roped off. This is not the first time an incident like this has happened at SV. They've had multiple issues with restraints not locking and/or restraints erroneously showing a "green" status. TT had a similar incident a few weeks ago that resulted in an e-stop and evacuation on the lift hill. Hopefully RMC can figure out what's going on with these newer trains and their restraint cylinders before a serious incident occurs.
  6. Ha! I was actually right in front of that guy for that video (you can barely see my light grey coat). No idea if he was embellishing or not, but I genuinely thought he was going to have a heart attack and come back to the station slumped over in his seat
  7. They make some great high-quality colorful prints, I have three of their prints... MF, Maverick, and Magnum. Shipping can take a while sometimes though, one order of mine took 3 weeks to deliver Speaking of coaster prints, these guys have some really good minimalist-style prints as well. I got the Lightning Rod one and the quality was really good: pursuitofthrills.com
  8. Turns out, if you put a bunch of LSMs in an enclosed space it wreaks havoc on electronics not meant to be exposed to a magnetic environment The closed-circuit cameras/monitors in the tunnel still gray out anytime a train is launched.
  9. You're joking, right? Ouimet is the reason Cedar Fair has turned into the phenomenal park chain it has become today... going from a $6/share stock price when Kinzel was ousted (and nearly collapsing if the sell-off were to happen) to a high of $73/share. Without him, you'd have no Hotel Breakers renovation (and expansion), no emphasis of turning Cedar Point into a true getaway/vacation spot, and no significant investment in both the experience and technology at Cedar Fair parks, not to mention the best years of coaster installations we've seen in a long time. Before him, Cedar Fair was a corporate culture highly averse to technology change and investment, whereas now Cedar Fair is the leader in terms of in-park technology, VR, mobile gaming, and mobile park apps for regional parks... and some might argue even better than some Disney and Universal offerings.
  10. I was there as well... It was fantastic getting a solid hour of MF ERT to close out the night!
  11. Saw this in my Instagram feed this morning... Looks like there will be an overbanked turn or possible third inversion in the structure just underneath the lift.
  12. Not new, it's been around since at least the 2015 season.
  13. Like everyone has stated, weather forecasts for Cedar Point are pretty much useless, regardless of the season. I've seen days in October where one day it would be snowing, the next it could be 70ยบ and sunny. It's bipolar midwestern weather on meth.
  14. I've been hearing rumblings on various social media outlets about a new no camera policy that's being enforced at Kings Island and some other CF parks. Has anyone else had the experience of security not allowing you to take your DSLR into the park this season? Somewhat worrisome if the reports are accurate.
  15. Same location, it's just moved inwards towards the park away from the road, around where the Magnum photo booth / exit used to stand and before Magnum's crossover.
  16. Seriously people? We're all here to have fun discussing the hobby we all love for fucksake. Why can't people just be nice, and if you can't at least do that, keep your mouth shut and move on?
  17. Using simply the Pythagorean theorem isn't gonna be accurate to determine a possible lift height. A user over at PointBuzz had the most thorough assessment of ~200ft by using the proper method to calculate a potential height based on the variables we know... Here's the post outlining the calculations for any other engineering nerds like myself that are interested.
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