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Hated coasters you like.

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I'm the opposite with the Beast at PKI. Everyone says that they love it, but I rode it and said, "WTF?" It was fast, but that's it.


Ditto. The only redeeming quality I find in the so called legend is a nighttime ride. However, even that has been destroyed, now that theyre are lights lineing the track . Even though I havent ridden them, I feel the same about the hype for Raven and Legend. Legend does have a nice looking layout, but Raven on the other hand...From my point of view, if you want a good airtime coaster with a nice layout, ride Cyclops in the backseat...Or the HP Wildcat....

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Ok I admit it, I actually like SLCs and Boomerangs. I know everyone hates them, but I just didn't think they are *that* bad. Sure they had roughness and headbanging, but it wasn't unbearable IMO. They aren't top ten coasters by any means, but they weren't all that bad. Deja Vu is also another ride I like. I also think that Revenge of the Mummy at USH is underrated, was a pretty fun indoor coaster.

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Ninja at SFOG and Son of Beast. Don't get me wrong, I'm not like in love with Ninja, but I thought it was a fun ride, and it takes a lot of crap... or at least used to. I love Son of Beast too. What an awesome ride, however, I do feel like I need my ribs glued back together when I'm done.

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I really loved the Steel Phantom, and it was REALLY hated. Sorry Den Den, lol! I suppose I knew how to ride that thing after 10 years.


I really hate Mean Streak though. That is the biggest POS.



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Despite my recent brain-jarring ride, I have always defended the Beast because of the awesome layout and just the fact that it led the pack for many years. I still think it's a great coaster, just wish they would do something to smoothen out the ride. I definitely think they could improve that.


Shari "I still remember watching the news breaks the day they opened that ride...it was BIG news!!" Shoufler

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I have quite a few:


- Arrow Loopers. I think they're fun. Demon, Python, and Shockwave all are (or were) great fun. Shockwave, when I went on it, was glass smooth, and better than B&M loopers. (I know, crazy.)


- Iron Wolf. If you get in the refurbished train, you're in for a fun, smooth, and amazingly intense ride. Try to notice how fast Iron Wolf goes through its corkscrew- it's amazing.


- American Eagle. It's my favorite ride at Six Flags Great America. It's awesome in the front row going forwards- tons of air. And, it's amazing in the back row going backwards (the row that goes down the hill last.) It feels like you're freefalling down that drop, and it's a sensation that you don't really get on many other coasters.


- Gwazi. I really don't think this ride is as rough as people say it is. In fact, I find it very smooth for a wooden coaster. The overbanked hill on this ride is crazy, as are the suprises that this ride provides.


- Schwarzkopfs. While they're not hated, they aren't talked about or loved enough. I find this man a genius, and even his smallest works are works of art. Scorpion may be small, but it packs a punch, and is forceful. Whizzer may be a little tame, but it's one of the most enjoyable rides ever made. Those turns are so cool through the trees, especially the one real close to the ground. The first drop may be shallow, but there's an awesome twist to it. I always tell my friends to put their hands up as we're first going down the drop, and it's fun to see them slam their hands down as soon as we turn. The Schwarzkopfs are still smooth, even after many years of constant use. The Whizzer is still the smoothest ride at Six Flags Great America, smoother than Raging Bull, which, really vibrates a ton at the bottom of the drops, which feels really weird. It feels like a massage chair, especially on your ass. Strange? Yes. True? Yes.

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X at SFMM- The front is a little bit rough, but the ride itself is awesome! The seats are very comfortable and I just don't understand why everybody hates it so much.


Arrow loopers- I've only been on one (Viper @ SFMM), but it is one of my favorite rides. Yes, I do get extreme headaches after riding Viper, but the ride itself is very fun.

---Brent 8)

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For me, SoB is just highly overrated. First of all, despite there being a few bunny hills, the ride provides NO AIR....and Ive ridden it from all the seats...Secondly, while I can appreciate roughness, wooden chaos does not mix with 200ft+ height and speed...Finally, your mom XD. Im not saying SoB is a bad ride (heck its #5 on my wood list), Im just saying its highly overrated....

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I Love the Steel Phantom (Defunct) formerly at My Home-park Kennywood, West Mifflin, PA. The fact that it was a bit rough is what made the ride funner to me. The Speed, The inversions and that killer second hill won me over. But now the Phantom's Revenge is thrice as good!


I Love the Mantis at Cedar Point, Sandusky, OH. People say it's rough at the end.....people say it doesn't have enough inversions.....or it isn't tall or fast enough...Simply put, it's my favorite coaster at CP.....though I love most of the others...Mantis is the most exciting to me.....yeah even more exciting that Raptor, Millennium Force & Top Thrill Dragster. Mantis Rocks!


I also Love Dominator (Batman: Knight Flight) People say that the ride is too short and that the first drop is forceless...that may be to some people but I loved the curved drop into that huge verical loop. But the cobra-roll and interlocking corkscrews is what won me over with this ride.


Silver Bullet, Hydra & Talon are underatted in my opinon.


To tell you the truth,TTD is garbage in my opinion.

Son of Beast is too damn rough.

Beast is just another wood coaster to me......*whoop-dee-doo*, its long and fast...and so are more than half of the coasters wood or steel in the world.

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